Some things you are going to see soon at Smart Creative Women

1. A facelift. No, not on me…on the site!
2. Easy topic navigation.
3. Interesting contributors.
4. More written posts.

I wanted to add some more written posts since I believe everyone consumes information in a different way.

I will be finding my stride with all these changes and additions this month and into February, figuring out what days work best for episodes and written posts. Thanks for your patience as I stretch and grow. Honestly, it can be a little scary to make changes and to push myself to grow. It is uncomfortable and exciting at the same time.

I know you understand. I was talking to my girlfriend Kelli Proia who was choosing three words to focus on in 2013. One of her words was, DARING. I was impressed. I liked the sound of that. What if we dared to do something really different this year? Dared to push ourselves out of our comfort zone?
What if it was a disaster?
What if it was a marvelous success?
What if you learned something so valuable from a disaster that it propelled you towards marvelous success?

I think making choices and decisions can freeze us up if we let them. In my Smart Creative Dreaming Crash Course one important exercise is to so a something I call Extreme Dreaming. Don’t think I didn’t (and still do) struggle with this myself. I am a girl that vacillates between infinite possibilities and old fashioned practicality. Trust me, that is a weird line to walk. To do any type of ”out there” dreaming riddles me with questions. Does it makes sense, how will I accomplish that? Who will watch the dogs? Errr… practical.

If I were to break that down it would really read:

I vacillate between Possibility and Fear.

Possibility gets me up every morning and fear talks me out of being brave or DARING.

I think I will borrow Kelli’s word this year. Daring.

Can’t wait to come up with the other 2 words for 2013! What will yours be?

  • Hilary

    “I vacillate between Possibility and Fear.”  I think there’s a lot of creatives out there with this same issue.  I battle this every day!

    • Thanks Hilary! It’s almost comical how you can feel the same emotions in the same breath!

  • Katrina Marie

    My three words would be “Inspire”, “Create” and “Happy”. I want to inspire kids with Kids Sewing…so I’ve launched Free weekly Lessons. I want to create something new with Little Fashion Designers, so I’ll continue to make new designs each week and not worry about filming and launching until it’s time. And I want to be happy doing both while being pregnant.

    • Oh Exciting, I didn’t know you were expecting. I am sure creativity is on overload! Congratulations!

  • Great to hear your thoughts… I actually like the one little word tradition by Ali Edwards and mine for 2013 is together. Multiple meanings of being together in myself and being together with others as well 🙂

  • Kathy Weller

    I am impressed that Kelli has more than one word. One word is almost too much for me but I’m working on it, trying to find my word… 

    (it’s already January 7… I better find my word…)

    Hugs, Kathy (WellerWishes)

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  • Laura Kennedy Aiken

    I think this has to be my favorite interview so far Monica. Don’t know how I missed this. I have been admiring Victoria’s work for as long as I can remember. She seems so approachable – Not to mention so talented, too. Thank you to you both for a lovely interview.