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HI! I wanted to do a podcast/write (depending on how you take in information)  and article today and encourage you a bit. Everyone needs some straight out encouragement sometimes, right?  I have been sketching my heart out on Instagram, while I was behind the scene organizing the launch of my new bag and tee shirt line at XO, Monica Lee. I feel like I have so much creativity and  so many ideas that are dying to pour out of me, that I can hardly get a grasp on it.  It may appear as if this burst of creative energy was an easy to place to reach but if I were completely authentic with you, it was not. I was on a dimly lit path for what felt like was a long time. Should I head in this direction or that direction…oh man! Being indecisive or unsure is a creativity killer.

And that is why I wanted to encourage you today. I want to tell you, that if you feel like a hamster on a wheel or if you have something (the big esoteric something) within  your  grasp but can’t get a clear vision of it, I am here to assure you that you will get clarity. You will tap into the “something” that makes your heart sing and something you can sink your teeth into at the same time. I want to encourage you to keep showing up in your creative life, even if you feel like things have not quite clicked yet. Just keep showing up! Invest in yourself, take time for yourself, get to know yourself.

Tweet: It is SO important to show up for yourself over and over again. -Monica Lee

When I went on my own Style journey that lead to Smart Creative Style course, it unlocked parts of me that really clicked. There was something about the romance of travel,  the elegant women I had encountered in my life and my own desire to experience life in a more robust way that I was missing, but I didn’t know how to warp my skill sets around it. It left me hanging for some time! I have made lots of mood boards and ROAD MAPS over the last couple years and they all had nuggets of truth to them that I am seeing now as a result of that time and effort.  It is so crazy! I could let myself get scared (because I have some pretty big ideas about what I want)  but mostly I am  thrilled because I finally know what it is that I want!

What I didn’t realize was that my past completely prepared me for my future.-Monica Lee

Every  visual and emotional experienced that I held dear as a young girl was still there waiting patiently for me to show up and tap into it. Everything from the crystal wine glasses at my mothers dinner table to sitting at cafes in Europe to meeting elegant Texas ranch women (weird, I know)  it all formed who I am now!  No, I don’t want to buy a ranch but it all made an impression on the creative person inside me that constantly absorbs her surrounding. All my passions are showing up so loudly, I hardly know which one to nurture! I know you are that person too. You have parts of you that are waiting to get  expressed  too!

I also know that tapping into the best part of all that and then expressing them (out loud!) and be a DAUNTING yet EXCITING task.


Tweet: What I didn’t realize was that my past completely prepared me for my future.-Monica Lee

I know that  you have  a story that needs to be told and I have always believed when you tell it from that passion spot, people will connect with it. The right people. Whether you tell it through your family life, through art, through decor, entertaining, clothing, taping into your “something” is a gift and it opens up stored up ideas that will come out like a flood!

I know you have seen some of your favorite creative  heroes  tap into it. A flow and point of view that invites you into their worlds. You might have gone to someone’s house that  just  feels  right or maybe have met a friend for lunch who puts herself together in a way that just works. There is this thing about seeing someone move into their right emotional space that feels vibrant and alive. If you haven’t felt that CLICK yet…

I want to encourage you to keep taking notes, keep pushing yourself, keep asking questions and really try to stay in the brave spot where you show up in your life and work so you can be yourself, unapologetically!

Tweet: Marching to the beat of your own drummer sometimes takes a lot of practice, patience and acceptance.-Monica Lee

I know that it is scary to show up creatively as yourself. You think, what if nobody gets me? What I am trying to do? First things first, who cares? Stop the should be’s, the should do’s and just figure out what appeals to YOU, what you want to do. Then you can share it, mold it, grow into. And don’t be afraid to shed it if the persona/career path/clothes/house  you are wearing right now is not a good fit for you. If it is not working, it is ok to step away and find out what DOES work for you!

I am here to tell you when it comes together it comes together quickly! I have even been having fun blogging over at XO, Monica Lee if you want to check it out! That’s when the light bulb went off to share this with you…I had so many ideas that I could have posted blog posts and scheduled them for the next 6 months, haha!

So I am in the process of organizing tools to help you connect your own dots. I have always loved Smart Creative Style and believe it is so worth understanding where your desires lay and how your authentic self wants to show up as!

Be sure and sign up for the Smart Creative Style list here!  My  plans for doing with the Style course idea are coming together in a way more clearly than ever, like a crystal clear champagne class! It was a foggy window  before but I am telling you, if you keep showing up the champagne glass will too!


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  • Enlightening! Thank you.

  • This is really real and really inspiring. Congratulations, too!!

  • Aimee Sicora says:

    Thanks Monica, you are always so good at encouraging others! I always get excited when I get an email in my inbox letting me know that you have a new podcast available.

  • Aboslutely loved this! So happy I stumbled upon your website!
    Thank you!

  • Love this! I cherish your podcasts Monica. I listen to them while I paint and have even listened to some of them twice! I just got back into painting after shedding a big creative career in finance and a traveling lifestyle that was not fitting me anymore. I'm now at home with my two little kids working towards being self employed and making a commitment to take small steps everyday towards my dreams. I'm painting EVERY day. I'm putting in the work and dedicated to shaping my future. Thanks for encouraging us to keep on keepin' on down the path to defining our own success.

    Because of your Elle Luna Interview, I learned about Elle and started #the100dayproject with her this past spring. It was purely amazing. I painted my heart out and saw my creativity explode. I have too many ideas to capture in my limited kid-free time but do as much as I can each day. I have continued my routine past my 100 days (currently on painting No. 107) and plan to make my new goal 365 days of painting. I interact with #ElleLuna on Instagram and am so thankful for the connection I have with her now and with many of the other creative folks I've met through the 100 day project. I've also recently shared a color palette with #Lisa_Daria_Kennedy, who I would not have known had it not been for you. These ladies are my personal hero's. You are connecting us and making a big difference in our creative lives. Thank you! #100daysoftinywatercolors

  • Wow! This is so terrific! I am so happy for you-I love that you are defining success by painting everyday with passion! So fabulous and rewarding for me to read about!

  • Katie Holland says:

    I needed to hear this right now. Thank you!

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