Artists and Mentors: Danielle Krysa


I am so excited to welcome back Danielle Krysa from The Jealous Curator. Danielle has recently released her third book  titled Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk. This is such a terrific read, I just had to have her back on for the Artists and Mentor Series.

Her own podcast, Art For Your Ear, has kept me painting when I could otherwise be drifting off into the kitchen in procrastination. Danielle is funny, smart, vulnerable and a talented artist herself. I adore her collage art (check out the screenshot below from her Instagram feed). Tune in as we talk about producing art while trying to wrestle, make friends with and stamp out that critical voice that we all have.

 Here is the art of Martha Rich. It is just so fun and we need this as a poster in our studios!


Here is a peek at #daniellekrysaart on Instagram @thejealouscurator, you simply have to go read the titles and commentary on Danielle’s art-hilarious and smart! You can tune into my other interview with Danielle here.