Danielle Krysa from The Jealous Curator

I am so so happy Danielle Krysa on the show today! If you don’t know who Danielle is, she is the mystery girl behind the very popular blog, The Jealous Curator where she  curates and features fine artists who make her a bit “jealous.”

Get it? Of course you do, because we ALL feel that way, right?

Now she and her blog is so popular that she is not really a “mystery” per se, in fact she has written 2 very popular books, The Creative Block and Collage and takes on speaking engagements all over the country. I am itching to jump into reading The Creative Block, if you want we can jump in together and discuss! Tune in to hear her talk about her books and art in this interview!

She also recently started a podcast herself called Art for Your Ear. Naturally, I know you like podcasts and I feel confident you will like hers! She is just so REAL! I find her refreshingly honest and smart. I love that she has a distinct point of view in the art that she features on her blog and has wrestled with her own “I am going to love my own art too”  issues. Kindred spirits for sure. In fact, so much so that I turned art therapist on her, haha! Poor dear! It was so fun meeting and chatting with Danielle, be sure check out her site, podcast AND to follow her instagram.





Some of her work:





  • Again a great interview. Listening to it for the third time. I think the archivist you were referring to at the end of the podcast might be Corinna Bucholz. You interviewed her on Sept. 25th, 2012 but I recently heard the podcast.

    • Monica Lee

      Wow! That sounds like quite a school! I am glad you embraced who you are and your unique abilities!

  • Lourdes Sanchez

    Terrific interview- very illuminating and original, as well as universally applicable-
    Loved it.