Cynthia Jamin from TwirlyGirl

Former actress Cynthia Jamin has such a great story. She is the owner, designer and chief motivation officer at TwirlyGirl.  Today she shares her start up story and how she grew her business ONLINE, lots of great tips!
This is a super motivating because Cynthia just taught herself everything.
After having two girls, Cynthia became frustrated with show business and decided to quit acting. She says she was tired of auditioning more than she was acting. Man, doesn’t life feel like that sometimes?   As the girls got older, Cynthia had trouble finding dresses they wanted to wear.  Either they weren’t colorful enough, or comfortable enough.  Taking matters into her own hands, Cynthia took some sewing lessons.  Her first creation was a reversible twirly dress that was super comfortable.  All the itchy seams were tucked away from their bodies, and the fabrics were vibrant and full of joy.  Soon other moms were asking were they could get one of these twirly dresses for their own girls.  With a $20,000 inheritance and a lot of hard work, a business was born!

Eight years later, TwirlyGirl is now a million dollar brand. Are you motivated yet?

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Here a link to the video we talked about relating to Cynthia’s abusive childhood and her business



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