Creative Director of Peter Pauper Press, Heather Zschock

Since I am headed to the NY Now (formerly the NY Gift Show) to judge the Louie Awards this week, it only seems appropriate that I have Heather Zschock on as my guest today! Heather is the Creative Director at Peter Pauper Press. Remember how I said creative directors are busy, busy and are not sitting patiently waiting for your art and darling ideas to land in their mailbox? Well, Heather proves that BUT I found out that she does hope that you have some darling  ideas for her!

What I really liked about this interview, was realizing just how much designing and creativity Heather gets to do on and off the job. In this interview, you’ll hear about Peter Pauper and what they are currently looking for. You will also get a glimpse and a hard working creative mom (insert sick child home from school-you will get a glimpse of him towards the end!) The reality is that no matter what your job or title, moms are just making it work.  Women everywhere are as excited about meeting you and learning about your creativity and you are theirs. I think hands down, Heather has got to be one of the nicest Creative Directors in NYC! I am so excited to have you meet her! Tune in!


Heather is creative is ALL the areas of her life, she has even authored a couple children’s book with her sister, Martha, who is a popular illustrator Runs in the family!


Above are more projects from Peter Pauper, one from Mary Beth Cryan who I have interviewed! 

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  • Michelle Schneider

    I love it when you interview creative directors and art directors! It’s so interesting to hear it from Heather’s perspective, especially since she works (and has worked) for some of my favorite companies. Before I launched my art career I was an assistant manager at a toy and gift shop and PPP, Galison, & MudPuppy had some of the best artwork and most creative products on the market. I ordered from them on a regular basis!

    I’d absolutely LOVE to illustrate for these companies some day!

  • Kathy Weller

    Great interview. Thanks so much Monica and Heather for taking the time to do this. Love it, and some really excellent advice.