Create a turning point for yourself through discovery

You know that I love the BUSINESS of creativity but today I am appealing to your intuitive side. The part of your that is all about discovery. Watch this short video and see what I mean! I was very inspired when I met Erik Wahl. His new book Unthink, has really made me realize that as a creative person the world is not only waiting for you to do something great, it NEEDS you to! You are a pacesetters and you need to embrace that. What do you think,  are you on board?!

Every once in a while I get on a mini soap box and reading Erik’s book again showed me how much the world needs your creativity. There are just so many people who are afraid to even tap into theirs. They are stuck in jobs where they are just “showing up.”
This is why I continually urge you to shine. This is why I think it is time to STOP second guessing who you are and what your offer. It is time to quit comparing your work to someone else’ s work and embrace your own talents and then start spreading them. Don’t WAIT any longer! For pete’s sake, you have a gift for people!

If you are ready to shine and you want to jump start your journey, hone your look and your voice then Smart Creative Style is a perfect course for that. It will fun, interactive and dare I say refreshing.  erikwhal

See you back on Wednesday for Salli Swindell of They Draw and Cook!
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