Crash Course

A crash course with you in mind! It’s a read, watch, do, take-at-your-own pace course to help you get from point A to point B with your dream.

This guide will help you if:

* You are still defining your dream
* You are at the start of your journey
* You are in the midst of making it all happen

I have found that most dreams come to fruition if they have a good foundation. What makes a good foundation for your dream? The right attitude, the right words and the right choices.

In this course, I cover how to stay on a direct path and how to trust yourself in the process. There are exercises that help enlarge your vision and pinpoint your sweet spot.

I completely understand how easy it is to take a wrong turn, walk in circles and get tripped up when you are pursuing your dream.

This guide provides few key elements can help you avoid common mistakes and help you reach your goals and dreams faster and with more clarity.

There are plenty of people who don’t even understand what it means to have a dream. If you landed on this page, you are not one of them!

There is nothing more exciting than designing your very own dream! They way you approach your path sets the pace for the entire journey. This crash course is here to help you set the foundation for you and your dream.

Read! 7 sections of practical advice and cuteness inside.
Watch! 5 new videos from my heart to yours.
Do! 5 downloadable Play Time sheets for you to have fun with.

I don’t want anything to get in the way of you becoming your absolute best!

You are meant to shine!

I priced this crash course with you in mind. I don’t want any excuses why you would not do this for yourself! For the price of a pedicure or a pizza dinner, you can to afford Sweet Creative Dreaming because your dream is worth it!


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If you don’t find the guide helpful, fun or downright adorable – I will be happy to give you your money back!

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