Corinna Bucholz designer, archivist on how sets herself apart

 Corinna Bucholz is a designer of collaged ephemera (look I spelled it right!) I thought this interview was so interesting. She is the designer for Piddix who began selling digital downloads on etsy back when only a few people had even thought of doing it. This led her on quite the journey in marketing and selling her work. She knows and understand US copyrights like nobody’s business and you will figure out why it is so important as you listen. This is just some of what we covered:

How she handled being the full time earner in her house. (Impressive) How she managed to have etsy success. (Supplier) How she dealt with copycats. (Let it go) How she has people model their business after hers and what she does about it. (Makes sure is does what she does better than anyone else) There are lessons in this one for all of us!

Corinna now sells her collage sheets  directly to the public with quite a loyal following. She also licenses her designs through Jewel Branding. She is what I call a  quiet go getter.  If you learned something in this interview let her know:) I told her what a lovely community you all where!


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  • Best interview yet! I loved it and the takeaways are HUGE. THANK YOU and many blessings to you both!
    Sherri Ohler

    • Monica Lee

      Wow Sheri! I think that is a tweetable!!

  • Corrina has been so generous with her working process and how she manages things. I found this really helpful – particularly the part where she states how she differentiates between the customers that buy directly from her for their own use ( by limiting the amount of products they can make for friends/resale to 100 copies) and the licensing clients for whom images are bigger and obviously can be used on as many products as the company wants to produce.

    There were some really great questions and insights here Monica – thanks to both of you, Gabs

    • Monica Lee

      I am so glad you found it helpful-I think Corinna does a good job managing her business!

  • Enjoyed that interview. Always helpful to hear how others ‘do it.’

  • Amanda Sorenson

    Great to hear how she balances everything!

  • Wow. What amazing responses. Thanks so much ladies.

    I told Monica after the interview that I was super-nervous to watch it. She reassured me that this is a wonderful, supportive community and no need to worry…and she was right. I appreciate all your kind support.


  • I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this today! Great interview-Monica you always ask the BEST questions–leaving no stone unturned. What dpi do you scan those? How bout the kiddos-how do you manage the travel? and on and on. Corinna you are such a smart lady, an innovator with true vision. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Monica Lee

      You are so sweet for saying that! Guess it helps to be nosey (I mean curious!)

    • Thanks all. When scanning while I travel I try to stick with at least 600dpi, but it really depends on how large the originals are and how long it takes to scan per image. I try to balance a good dpi with it not taking an hour to scan just one image.

      For travel we do two things: 1. We’ve always traveled with our oldest especially, even when he was really young and it wasn’t always super-easy. Now he’s 5 and a wonderful traveler so all those early trips paid off. I also can pretty much only go with kids if I also have family and/or my husband with me to take care of the kiddos while actually in the archives….with all those rare books and documents it’s not a great place for little ones, though often they can play nearby in a park or library.

  • Thanks Corinna and Monica! I love all the info. Especially keeping your nose down when the competition is all around you. Good to keep focused and not let that negative energy stop all the creative things yet to come!

    • Monica Lee

      Oh I couldn’t agree more-negativity can really set you back! Sometimes even the morning news can’t set me back!!

  • Celia

    This is such a wonderful peek into what you do to give us a collage sheet by Piddix. Thank you so much.