Coming Alive

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“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. Because the world needs more people who have come alive.”-Howard Thurman 


Sometimes coming alive requires vulnerability. 

Sometimes coming alive requires letting go of other peoples’ expectations. 

Sometimes coming alive requires you to be still.

Sometimes coming alive requires honesty. 

Sometimes coming alive requires community. 

Sometimes coming alive requires courage.

Sometimes coming alive requires action.


Sometimes we know what  would MAKE us come alive but we don’t ask ourselves what is required of us to go do that.

What does coming alive require from you?

  • Kathryn Duckett

    Monica, I love these questions and these thoughts! Coming alive requires me to act on all these categories you mentioned! I am printing this out to jot myself a few bullet points under each category later today of things I’m currently doing, and a couple of things I’d like to begin to do to be intentional. I think the biggest thing for me that helps me come alive is THANKFULNESS. Being grateful for what I already have is the doorway to realizing the possibilities.

    • That is a terrific answer! Being grateful is something we need to remind ourselves to be!

  • Katie Keller

    Great post. Happiness and purpose.

  • Sharyn Holmes

    All of the above and, me showing up and being grateful that I have overcome the barriers to do so. Always listening to what I feel is right, and blocking out external influence that my impede by ability to show up.

    • Overcoming barriers is a biggie and listening to yourself is soooo key! It does take effort and trust!