Cloth, Paper, Scissors and more! Jen Mason editor of a creative life!

Today you get to meet Jen Mason who is the Editor and Chief of the Cloth Paper Scissors group at F and W Media. This includes quite a few publications! I was really taken with the new look and feel of Studios Magazine but I got a glimpse at so much more. Just look at all these covers! Yum! They also host mixed media retreats, forums, even  webinars, wow! Listen in to how Jen landed this fabulous position, I was surprised (and happy) to hear about her own background. She talks about current trends in crafting and how to submit to the magazines. Ladies, let’s get your work and craft ideas published. Check out what their website!  Subscribe, submit, get involved…whatever you do, don’t be intimidated! Jen certainly didn’t ever let that stop her and look what she is doing now. Plus, she is SO approachable, editors are creative women too (you can see her work below.) Lovely woman, lovely staff, lovely publications!

Studios Winter 2014 Cover


pC1 Front Cover.indd

C1_CPSF1311_HR (1)   jen_mason
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  • Debi Payne

    Great interview ladies!! I love, love, love this magazine and I can’t wait to be in it myself!!! I can’t wait for the new I heart Paper… because I do!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Lisa

    Love Jenn and all the magazines she works on. Thanks for the interview!

  • Christine Adolph

    Jenn is one of the most dynamic women in the industry! Love watching her career and enjoyed the interview.

  • Lori Sparkly Franklin

    I just caught up with this episode and was utterly charmed by Jenn’s warmth and sense of humor. Definitely one of my favorite interviews yet!!! Thank you!!!