Claudine Hellmuth, artist, crafter, and quite sassy on TV!

This is a great talk with artist and crafter Claudine Hellmuth. She has her fingers in some really interesting pies! She authors craft books, creates original art, teaches workshops and now she has a stint selling her kits on the Home Shopping Network  What?! I know, how cool is that? She explains the whole process! I was so intrigued to hear about her art school background as well as how far she has traveled to teach workshops! I think you can learn a lot from Claudine. She has a terrific blog full of ideas and tutorials. She has such a bright  and down to earth personality, it was really pleasure getting to know her better. Keep an eye out for her office assistant, Brian!

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  • Betz says:

    Hi Claudine and Monica!
    Great interview. I met Claudine back in 2007 at CHA. It’s been great following her career and hearing what’s coming next! Claudine is a definite forward-thinker! 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Great interview! I’ve followed Claudine for a long time now & it’s been fun to see where her career takes her. I’m learning so much from all of your interviews! Keep them coming.

  • Laura says:

    Fun interview!! Super inspiring!!

  • Aidel.K says:

    Hi. I clicked over from Claudine’s FB page. Wonderful interview! I feel I could chat with both of you for a while after watching this. One thing I must say is that I’ve taken 6-7 online classes, and Claudine’s is the best far and away. It’s clear that she spends a great deal of time preparing, and she was available to clarify or add to her class. I felt I really learned and got a good value for my money. I would sign up again! (I don’t think I would sign up again for any of the other classes I took online–very disappointing.) Thanks for being open to helping others learn!

  • thank you so much Aidel for your sweet comments about my online classes! I am so glad you enjoyed them and the interview too!

  • BJ Lantz says:

    Great interview, ladies 🙂 I had the pleasure of taking a live beeswax collage class with Claudine a few years ago. She’s a talented genuine, lovely, sweetie 🙂

  • Maria Brophy says:

    Loved listening to this interview. You two should start your own morning show – you’d blow The View out of the water! 🙂

  • Listened to the interview & she’s so lovely ! 🙂 beautiful designs as well !

  • Gerda says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiring interview. I really enjoy your art, too!

  • Tina Devins says:

    Claudine is so lovely. She helped me with a problem I was having on Etsy. Such a generous person. I’m sorry to say I didn’t know how famous she was at the time (I live in Ireland and we don’t have the Home Shopping Network), but when I found out, I thought, how lovely that she is so giving of her time. Oh and she also creates fabulous designs!

    I’m going to watch the interview now! xx

    • claudinehellmuth says:

      you are so sweet tina! I am always happy to help out a fellow designer!!! xoxox

  • Claudine is not only Lovely but supper creative! Check out her online instant streaming classes at and let her show you how to create Claudine style!

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