Classic or Modern: A visual challenge for you!

Watch today’s video!! Let’s have some fun! I am off to ALT Summit this week where I am heading up a roundtable discussion on Tools for cultivating into your originality: Why it is important not to look like the person standing next to you. You know my thoughts by now, “It’s a crazy busy visual world out there. You need to be distinct! We can’t all be on trend together at the same time. Sameness. Boring. You are original and everything you do should reflect that!”

But how, HOW?  I am so  glad you asked!

By getting to know yourself and liking and trusting what you see.

So… I have a FUN visual challenge for you, pick one of these words CLASSIC or MODERN and start taking pictures that reflect what that means to you. Look for your own meaning of either of these  words in unusual places! Break out of  your normal ways of thinking,  grab your camera (I used my iphone) and start snapping! Not only will you learn something about yourself when are forced to choose between these 2 words, but you may be surprised when you step back and look through the images you have taken. I recommend making an album on your phone so you see all your results in one place.

We want to see them! If you are on instagram or twitter, use the hashtag #smartcreativestyle along with your pics.  Tell me which word you decided on classic or modern, because I am sure those words mean different things to you than they do to me. Here are some of my pictures of what “classic” means to me.

monica_lee_pearls copy



I will be on social media (mostly instagram) all week updating you all in the things I learn at ALT. Follow along at @smartcreativew.    I cannot wait to share what I learn with you.  Until then, are you CLASSIC or MODERN??!

P.S. If you haven’t heard the interview Pat Sloan did with me about creativity and you want more take away tips, you can listen to the podcast here.

  • Meghan Irene

    I am having so much fun with this assignment! <3