Chris Chun on how he defines beauty

Today’s guest is a Smart Creative Man! Chris Chun is an amazing artist and sweet spirit living and creating in Thailand. Listen in as he talks about his background in product development and how he positions himself and his art in the marketplace. Take note on how long he said it took to find his style and aesthetic as an artist.  I believe that personal style doesn’t happen overnight and that there is a valuable lesson in what Chris is saying. The end result from this time spent getting to know himself is evident in his joyful art.

After our interview I received an email from Chris that read, “I would like to offer your readers a 20% discount on everything in store until the end of February. All they need to do is enter SCW in the discount code box.” Woot! Here is the link to his online store.


I LOVE his video series! My favorite is this video describing his collection, Celestial Dragon.

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  • Josephine

    Thanks so much for this excellent interview with Chris! His work is completely stunning, and it’s so refreshing to hear someone stay true to who they are, and be wonderfully transparent about their journey. VERY inspiring – thank you!

    • Thanks Josephine for the positive feedback. ‘It’s nice to meet you’. Cx

  • Sue Zipkin

    Thank you both! What a great interview Monica and Chris!
    Monica I totally agree with everything you said about Chris’s artwork
    It is a gift to the world and it is breathtakingly gorgeous!
    I love how his personality comes through in his paintings.
    I also think it’s great that Chris has true vision, not only in his artwork
    but with how he positions himself in the market. Chris
    you are a major inspiration to me!

    • Thanks Sue – I am a big fan of yours too! You should really be my agent, you know LOL! Cx

  • Great interview with a wonderful artist and nice guy too. I was wondering what kind of gold pen he is using in the first photo posted above – lovely!

    Kathy Crabbe, Artist/Creative Soul Guide

    • Hi Kathy,
      The gold pens are called uni and they are gold opaque markers from Japan. I remember using these at school so they’ve been around for a long time. You should be able to find them at any good stationery store. Thanks for your lovely feedback. Cx

  • Cynthia Katz

    What beautiful work! Also what I loved most was his personality and work ethic. Artists should be appreciated for what they have to offer from deep within and not for keeping up with trends. Thanks for the insight.

    • Thank you so much Cynthia – you’ve made my day! I should say I still am aware of current trends at the back of my mind but it is not the driving force behind my artwork. Authenticity is key. Cx

  • BJ Lantz

    You know, I really should go back and comment on all the interviews I’ve listened to here on SCW. I often listen in the studio, streaming thru my iPhone and don’t take the time. ALL your interviews are terrific and some I listen to more than once. And this will be one of those. Very inspiring. I do have to laugh, Chris, I had no idea you were Australian, LOL We have “known” each other for years online and somehow, this fact escaped me, LOL The year Chris showed at Surtex, I remember coming across some beautiful bookmarks with a painting by Chris of Koi on them. There were a small handful laying on the table I was taking a rest stop at. I picked up one for myself and one for a friend and left the others for another lucky soul. We didn’t know each other then, but I STILL have (and use) that bookmark, Chris :-)) XO

    • Hey BJ – thanks. That’s so funny you still have the bookmark. When I first entered the licensing field, you were one of my licensing superstar role models. Obviously, since I have gotten to know you I now know that it is all smoke….hahaha. I’m joking!
      Seriously. I am still a big fan of yours. BTW, did you know we got into trouble handing out the bookmarks by Surtex? Cx

      • No way! Everybody gives out stuff at Surtex! Why? And you’re right – it IS all smoke and mirrors! LOL. That was sweet of you to say i was a super star, though :-). Yes, perception is not always right is it! Ha ha

  • Awesome interview Chris! It was great to hear your thoughts on your artwork and the industry. I just adore your work – so vibrant and beautiful!! I really admire how you’re not “settling” for any product or agent that will have you! Your art is definitely higher end and deserves products that are in line with that! I’ve felt for the last few years, like artists need to take back our “credibility and respectability” and stop doing anything and everything just to get a contract. There definitely IS a lot of garbage out there! (And unfortunately, my art is on some of it! haha ) No more for me! Make YOUR art – YOUR way – for the PRODUCTS you want to see them on… and the deals will come if they’re meant to and if it’s a good fit for all. In the meantime, do what you love and let the JOY be in your design! It was great to actually “hear” you for once, Chris! I just LOVE your accent, Chris! I could listen all day!! Is your husband Australian too – or does he love listening to you as well? haha. See you on the boards… Take Care!

    • Thanks Sue – you’re a sweetie! Hubby is Australian too. He loves listening to me when I’m not nagging LOL. Happy Painting! Cx

  • I really like this guy. Let’s be friends! Thanks so much, Chris! Your energy and your art is so inspiring to me. Thanks, Monica, for the introduction and the chat. 🙂

    I also like hearing about how developing your style was a long road. That’s comforting, seeing as I still feeling like I’m a little baby artist some times. Sucking a thumb, splashing color all around, making a mess.


    • Thanks Barbra. It’s all part of the journey, right? If we all arrived at our ‘destination’ so easily, life would be boring.. Have fun creating your own magic. Cx

      • Exactly. “Enjoy the process, don’t toil in it.” has been something I always try to think about when I’m making something..

        I think you are exactly right that people can sense when you weren’t enjoying what you’re making. It’s palpable. My most successful pieces are ones that I had a sense of ease when making them.

  • Wini

    Thanks Chris and Monica for an inspiring and entertaining interview! You both seemed so natural and you have a nice rapport. I enjoyed hearing about Chris’ journey as I am a big fan of his beautiful art. And I agree with you Monica that although Chris is in Thailand, it doesn’t feel like he is that far away!

  • Deanna Maree

    This is an interview that I just know I’m going to play over an over, so inspirational and I’ve stumbled across it at just the perfect time in my own journey. I have recently arrived at the same conclusion – that people really can tell if there’s no joy in it! Towards the end of last year I was doing markets, making what I knew would sell but in doing so I became a production line doing the same thing over and over.. week after week. It completely drained me, and I kind of bottomed out in the new year.. so I’ve stepped away from the markets and picked up my brush again, doing some custom/commissioned paintings and really enjoying the connection with my customers and also the people who follow my progress on social media. Finding the joy again, connecting and sharing – that’s what it’s all about!

  • Fab, fab fab!!! I missed this one Monica. Love what Chris said and his whole attitude. Bells of resonance here ( and similar age )) x G

  • ginalinnart

    Oh wow, what a great interview,…another great interview shall I say!
    Thanks to you both for putting this together and sharing it with everyone.

    Chris, it’s great to kind of feel like I’ve met you now, and I love your accent! ; )
    I am a big fan of yours, you do such wonderful art and it is very joyful and inspiring! …as are you as a person! Keep up the beautiful work that you do, please! …the world needs more of what you are creating!

  • Ronnie Walter

    Seriously, HOW have I missed this interview? I love Chris (and his amazing artwork too). We need to do Skype Cocktails some day and talk about stuff. Great interview, Monica–as always! So you think 25 grand is too much to come and see us? Forget SURTEX, let’s just all hang out!

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