Children’s book artist Sarah McIntyre out for some fun!

Children’s book artist and cartoonist Sarah McIntyre is just a bundle of fun. She is an original spirit for sure. She is a prolific illustrator and writer  (and cartoonist) she also seems to be quite passionate about enjoying herself. What a breath of fresh air she is. She has a terrific active blog and web presence.   She works tirelessly at keeping  everything up-to-date  but I didn’t get the sense for one minute that it was a “chore.” She challenges herself to show up online in all sorts of unique ways, I just love it. You have to tune it and let some of her fun rub off on you!

You can hear how she has collaborated in a really unique way with Philp Reeve for their new book Oliver and the Seawigs.  (Note: all the activity sheets that she has added to her site with the release of the book…she is a smart cookie too!)

Sarah loves to draw, she has certainly found her calling, don’t you think? Just take a look at this travel comic she did from a recent trip to Alaska!



If you have kids or are a teacher (or just want to have FUN)  you might enjoy her activity sheet from her book “You Can’t Eat a Princess!” here.


  • She is so talented! I have never heard of Sarah before now and I am so glad I sat and listened to the interview, she has such a fun style. And, super small world that she went to Bryn Mawr college which is a hop and skip away from me. I will certainly be following her work!

    • Hurrah, thank you! Bryn Mawr was a wonderful college, so glad I went. And studying Russian lit had more to do with making picture books that I would have expected.

  • suzanne urban

    Loved, LOVED, Loved this interview! So inspiring, love her energy-so joyous and fun!

    • Thank you! So much fun talking with Monica!

  • Gerda Steiner

    What a great interview. One day I’ll start to make lots and lots of really bad books until they turn into less bad once. 🙂 It sounds odd but I guess it’s the way to go. Thank you so much Sarah and Monica.

    • Thanks for listening, and good luck with it, have fun! I think there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of bad books under our belts, as long as we don’t latch on to one, think it’s our final masterpiece, and stop making new stuff. Best thing is to always keep making. 🙂