Chelsea Shukov and the smart beginnings at Sugar Paper

I had so much FUN talking to Chelsea Shukov in this interview! She is one half of the team from Sugar Paper.  Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker started creating custom letter set press stationery in 2003 and  have grown Sugar Paper into the “it” brand in stationery! They have a terrific story. As beautiful and smart and all their products are, it is backed up with some seriously hard work. This tenacious duo has poured their heart into their business and it shows. Whether you are struggling with a start up or hiring employees, you are going to love this interview.  It will inspire you. Listen in as Chelsea talks about the slow and steady growth of  Sugar Paper. Sometimes we only see women when they are featured in the press (LA Times) and do fabulous collaborations (J Crew) so I loved her candid description of the beginning phases of their company!





  • Lindsay

    Thanks Monica – i enjoyed this so much! What a fantastic way to find inspiration on a wet, windy Wednesday afternoon. Can’t wait for Smart Creative Style on Feb 11th…! xxx

    • Woot! I love that you snuggled in to watch! I can’t wait to get started tooooo!

  • Casey

    Great interview! I love the advice: keep going. I’m still feeling my way through entrepreneurship and interviews like this are so inspiring! Also, Chelsea seems so down to earth 🙂

    • Oh Chelsea is down to earth! I am glad that came through!

  • claudinehellmuth

    fabulous interview! I loved Chelsea’s bubbly energy!

  • Meghan Irene

    Marvelous interview!! I had so much fun listening!!