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Monday Motivation: Change is “scary good”


Ch-ch-changin’….Does the need for change in your life stop you dead in your tracks or does it excite you? My guess is that like most people you may run through a range of emotions when you are faced with the need to change, coming to terms with it, mourning the way things were in the good Read more…

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Phyllis Harris grows her business!


I received an email from today’s guest, Phyllis Harris a few weeks ago thanking me for my work Smart Creative Style and Smart Creative Women and then she let me know that she had TRIPLED her business since tuning into Smart Creative Women!!! Well, HELLO! Let’s bring her on the show!! Tell us how!     Tune Read more…


Cloth, Paper, Scissors and more! Jen Mason editor of a creative life!


Today you get to meet Jen Mason who is the Editor and Chief of the Cloth Paper Scissors group at F and W Media. This includes quite a few publications! I was really taken with the new look and feel of Studios Magazine but I got a glimpse at so much more. Just look at all Read more…


Michelle Armas and her beautiful abstract expressions


Michelle Armas is living proof you can combine talent, authenticity  and business savvy with fine art.  I LIKE her (insert thumbs up here!) She has a great story about how she got started with her life “online.” Michelle has been smart when it comes to selling art and promoting her brand. (Yes, a fine artist Read more…


Vunerability, experimenting and wasting time


Today’s video feels self indulgent, it’s about letting go of some preconceived notions about myself and my own creativity.  I guess I should let the self indulgent thoughts go too. I don’t know at what point in the last 2 years painting and illustration became something I ”got to do” instead of “had to do.” I suppose it is when Read more…


Sheila Meehan on outfitting your art licensing portfolio


Sheila Meehan from Meehan Design Group is my guest today! She has been in art licensing for YEARS! And she is sharing her experience with you, yippee! Not only is she an agent to some of today’s brightest artists (you know Cori Dantini is a fav of mine!) she also consults and is now teaching! She has Read more…


Dreams, Plans, Goals


Khali Whatley is back! She has turned into such a lovely blessing in my life! All since starting the show! She tuned in, reached out to me and now I have a wonderful friend! Yeah!! We were making a special recording for the Smart Creative Style Course Q and A and we made one for Read more…


Emily McDowell’s amazing adventure


  Emily McDowell is one to watch! She is fun. Wait! I meant she is FUNNY! Ok, she is fun and  funny! She is making it happen. “It” being a rapidly growing stationery and gift company.  What has happened to her in the last year has turned into what she calls a learning curve-tastic-adventure. (Insert tune: THIS GIRL IS Read more…


Marrying up your creative brain to your business brain


If you are anything like me, you may not have complete trust  in the left side of your brain. You may have not have made friends with your analytical side early on in grade school as you gleefully played with the creative or right side of your brain. It may be time to reintroduce them to each other! Read more…


Alyssa Thomas stitches her way to success


I am so happy to be chatting with Alyssa Thomas from Penguin and Fish! Alyssa started her company with a good idea some fast decision making and it has been non-stop ever since. Penguin and Fish tapped into a niche market with Alyssa’s darling embroidery patterns for children and adults of all ages. She has Read more…


Linda Sivertsen turns dreams and visions into one hot career


I just loved talking to Linda Sivertsen aka The Book Mama! I usually do a synopsis of  the interview when I write this post. I don’t even know where to begin. I had a couple of mini revelations during our talk. Your takeaways may be completely different than mine so you simply must tune in! Read more…


Ronnie Walter, artist, writer and smart aleck


Ronnie Walter is a hoot! (And she uses the smart aleck phrase on her on website, thank you very much) I enjoy her when she pops into the Smart Creative Women Facebook page. She  always has a clever quip to add. Turns out she has quite a few “quips” and she has complied them to Read more…


Organization requires a plan! What?


Are you and your business in a fog, working from deadline to deadline without a business strategy? Story-of -my-life! Or at least some of my life…I guess I did pick up a few tricks as a flight attendant that I have been applying to my business. Who knew? Watch this video and see what I Read more…


Brenda Pinnick tells a color story


Have you seen what Brenda has been up to lately?! Anyone who has been following her journey the last year on Facebook has been thoroughly blown away by her work. When she decided to go for broke and concentrate on her deep love of painting, it was like a fire was lit under her. She has Read more…

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Amy Butler sharing her heart and her business


This is a re-airing on my 2 part interview with the wonderful and wise Amy Butler. Every time I sit down and talk with I learn something amazing about myself (how does she do that?) She was so kind to join in the Smart Creative Style course to talk about the business of “Amy Butler” Read more…

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Amy Flurry wants you to succeed


My talk with AMY went over BIG! that’s why I am re-aring it AND why I asked her to take part inside the Smart Creative Style course! She has no nonsense advice for you! Artist, editor and author Amy Flurry has got some things to share with you!! You don’t want to miss this episode. Read more…

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Melanie Burk a master of the designed identity!


I am a HUGE fan of Melanie Burk and her  work.  I KNEW she had to be apart of the Smart Creative Style course! She showed up in spades in side the course fighting off morning sickness (baby on board too) to deliver fabulous material! Today I am re-airing my interview with her.  Today’s guest does Read more…

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Picking a scholarship winner…


Ok hard hard hard! Watch the video to see what I mean! AND stick around to the END where I do a surprise pick. Yep, that’s right I choose one winner from the emails  and then I put every name in a bowl and picked another scholarship winner. I simply could NOT choose just one! Read more…


Birthday’s, hard drives and a big giveaway!


It’s my birthday month, week, weekend, ok it’s Sunday…but in honor on the ongoing celebration I am giving away a scholarship to the course!  ($440 value, eek!)  This is all you have to do to be entered, watch both today’s video and this video, email me at and tell me why understanding your creative style would be good for Read more…


Vana Chupp builds a successful online business!


Here is a re-airing of my interview with Vana Chupp from Le Papier Studio. She is simply one of the sharpest women I know and she shares FAB tips inside the Smart Creative Style course. You are going to love this one! Vana Chupp is the owner of a fast growing online retail shop Le Read more…

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