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Discover Your Passion Workshop

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HI!! Excited to tell you about the new workshop I launched over on! I call it a workshop since it is self paced and fast. There are 3 parts, lots of videos and activities and the cost is $38. Don’t let fast fool you, the activities in the workshop can take months to master and Read more…

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Anahata Katkin for Papaya!


Girl crush time! I have Anahata Katkin from Papaya with me today and you are going to love her and all her creative business wisdom! Anahata started Papaya with her mother out of their home and grew this business so smartly, knowing just when to expand and just when to hold steady. I REALLY appreciate Read more…

7 Comments founder Sarah Bryden-Brown and her passion for connecting makers!


Last week, I told you about and what this global online marketplace was doing for talented creative makers like yourself. Now I get to sit down with’s founder Sarah Bryden-Brown and get  ALL THE DETAILS! You HAVE to tune in to this one!! First of all it is a terrific way to shop and help Read more…


Let’s talk about ideas, inspiration and copying


Well the title to this post and video is loaded, right? I could write a lot of text, but I would rather have you tune in to today’s video and you can give me your thoughts. After all-I have been having this conversation with myself all week, so it is about time I had it with Read more…


Meet Eva! The smart girl from Sycamore Street Press


Smart Cookie Alert! You are going to love Eva Jorgensen! Eva and her husband, Kirk  run a stationery company called Sycamore Street Press. I love the look and feel of their brand. In this interview, Eva explains how a  family trip helped them define a vision for their business and their lifestyle. I heard her on a panel Read more…


Chelsea Shukov and the smart beginnings at Sugar Paper

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I had so much FUN talking to Chelsea Shukov in this interview! She is one half of the team from Sugar Paper.  Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker started creating custom letter set press stationery in 2003 and  have grown Sugar Paper into the “it” brand in stationery! They have a terrific story. As beautiful and smart Read more…


The colorful world of Samantha Hahn


Samantha Hahn is my guest today, she is a fabulous illustrator with a client list that anyone would envy. With clients like The Cut (New York Magazine), Daily Candy, Refinery 29,  J.Crew, Marc Jacobs, Mac Cosmetics,  Tiffany’s, Victoria’s Secret, she is one busy lady! I am amazed at how prolific she is and I love that she has kept up with Read more…


Michelle Armas and her beautiful abstract expressions


Michelle Armas is living proof you can combine talent, authenticity  and business savvy with fine art.  I LIKE her (insert thumbs up here!) She has a great story about how she got started with her life “online.” Michelle has been smart when it comes to selling art and promoting her brand. (Yes, a fine artist Read more…


Brenda Pinnick tells a color story


Have you seen what Brenda has been up to lately?! Anyone who has been following her journey the last year on Facebook has been thoroughly blown away by her work. When she decided to go for broke and concentrate on her deep love of painting, it was like a fire was lit under her. She has Read more…

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An inside look at the Smart Creative Style Course

pink_stripe_complete RGB_72

I don’t know what is making me happier this morning putting this course together or learning new technology to make this video!! This was a creative exercise for me! Woot! The girl CAN still learn new tricks, who knew? 2 days for a 3 minute video and I thought illustration was time consuming! Haha! I Read more…


Amber Kane interviews me!


An interview of me, ACK! Now I know what a guest feels like when it comes times to share an interview of themselves. It conjures up feeling of self indulgence, which is not an emotion we should have when we are marketing ourselves and our products. I realized that I have artfully hidden behind marketing Read more…

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Designer Virginia Johnson created her brand with her point of view


I was so so thrilled to interview the amazing Virginia Johnson because not only is she a fabulous creative entrepreneur, she is also a fabulous watercolorist. OH! And she designs scarves!!!!  Hello, if you know me, you know I am in heaven about now. If you don’t know Virginia, she is a Canadian born designer who Read more…


Chris Chun on how he defines beauty


Today’s guest is a Smart Creative Man! Chris Chun is an amazing artist and sweet spirit living and creating in Thailand. Listen in as he talks about his background in product development and how he positions himself and his art in the marketplace. Take note on how long he said it took to find his style Read more…


Michael Storrings, a Creative Director who makes time to create!


I came across the work of Michael Storrings years ago when I was wishing away at a freelance career. I emailed him for advice having no idea that he was a Creative Director at St. Martin’s Press. He was kind enough to answer my email, give me some tips and I was off to the races. Read more…


Painter Janet Hill elegant, glamourous and talented


Just look at this art! Love it! Omigoodness, it is so me! I couldn’t decide what to show you! I have been a fan of Janet Hill’s for some time now. To me she is an example of what you CAN do-create what you want to create and find and audience for it. She has Read more…


Fine artist Kim Morin Weineck on seeing beauty everywhere


I met Kim Morin Weineck a few years ago and fell in love with her art! When I met her she was single, owned a darling art supply and gift store where she also taught classes. Fast forward a few years and she is married and 2 adorable little girls! Where did the time go!? Read more…


Stephanie Ryan, sweet small steps that turn into one huge leap!

Rose Garden

Welcome to the beautiful world of Stephanie Ryan! I have absolutely loved Stephanie’s work and aesthetic since the moment I met her. Her painting technique is uniquely her own and she works in one of my favorite mediums, watercolor!  Stephanie’s story of resilience, a long term illness, is truly an inspiration. She shares how she took up watercolor while she was sick Read more…


Fine art photographer Julie Waterhouse’s journey from corporate job to dream job


Today’s interview covers terrific topics! Julie Waterhouse discusses the spark that led her to leave her day job and take on self employment as a fine art photographer. She also talks about the plan (Yes! She had a plan!) that she put in place to make that dream happen. She refers to it as “stepping Read more…


Jessica Swift moves and grooves


Jessica Swift is an all around terrific personality!! You will completely warm up to her, I know I did! In this interview she talks about how and why she has diversified her art income. From e courses, art licensing, to manufacturing. Jessica is tireless and brave when it comes to putting herself out there! (BTW, I just love, love, Read more…


Flora Bowley on painting, being in business and being brave


Flora Bowley is just lovely! She is  an interesting, passionate painter and a successful business women. I love the mix! Flora has been painting  or “doing the work”  for years and has recently exploded onto the internet scene through her teaching and workshop offerings. She has taught popular classes at Squam Art Workshops and she now even Read more…

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