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From sketchbook to the street: A look at Kelsey Montague’s passion


Meet Kelsey Montague, one half the talent behind the Nikita and Vesper brand. Kelsey has teamed her skills up with her sister’s skills, and they are on the move to make the world a better and more fashionable place! They sell a mix of vintage and new items, some of it featuring Kelsey’s art. I love the Read more…


The colorful world of Samantha Hahn


Samantha Hahn is my guest today, she is a fabulous illustrator with a client list that anyone would envy. With clients like The Cut (New York Magazine), Daily Candy, Refinery 29,  J.Crew, Marc Jacobs, Mac Cosmetics,  Tiffany’s, Victoria’s Secret, she is one busy lady! I am amazed at how prolific she is and I love that she has kept up with Read more…


Amy Butler sharing her heart and her business


This is a re-airing on my 2 part interview with the wonderful and wise Amy Butler. Every time I sit down and talk with I learn something amazing about myself (how does she do that?) She was so kind to join in the Smart Creative Style course to talk about the business of “Amy Butler” Read more…

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The Essentials of Fabulous


…because WHATEVER doesn’t work anymore. I was out at Barney’s  taking a friend to lunch (like a City Girl)  and I ran across this title. I did a double take. Because whatever doesn’t work anymore. Amen, sister. I promptly picked it up (got permission to untie the bow wrapped around it, it was Barney’s after Read more…


An inside look at the Smart Creative Style Course

pink_stripe_complete RGB_72

I don’t know what is making me happier this morning putting this course together or learning new technology to make this video!! This was a creative exercise for me! Woot! The girl CAN still learn new tricks, who knew? 2 days for a 3 minute video and I thought illustration was time consuming! Haha! I Read more…


Jessica Warner turns her passion for textiles into Twofold


Twofold was created by Australian native Jessica Warner Stites to channel her passion for distinctive textiles. She decided to open an online store to feature the remarkable work of textile designers. When she contacted me, I thought, “Perfect, women supporting women.”  Passion supporting designers. Jessica is a perfect example of marrying her creative passion up Read more…


Dear Kate and Julie Sygiel, a perfect match


You are going to like this interview. File Julie Sygiel under the Smart Cookie category. This innovative engineering student took one entrepreneurial class in college and it was a game changer! She figured out something women need and she she set out create a solution. She designed leak proof, wicking, absorbent material for lingerie and Read more…


Designer Virginia Johnson created her brand with her point of view


I was so so thrilled to interview the amazing Virginia Johnson because not only is she a fabulous creative entrepreneur, she is also a fabulous watercolorist. OH! And she designs scarves!!!!  Hello, if you know me, you know I am in heaven about now. If you don’t know Virginia, she is a Canadian born designer who Read more…


Simply Stylist connector Sarah Boyd wants you to network!


Sarah Boyd had an idea. That idea was to bring all the people she was meeting working in fashion PR into one place, under one roof to network! Simply Stylist is a concept where  designers, fashion bloggers, stylists,  and editors come together for  fun and informative networking events. You get to learn, network and (a Read more…

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Jennifer L. Scott and her 20 Stylish Secrets


I have to finally come to terms with the fact that even though I was born in Italy, I am a Francophile. When I was a flight attendant, no matter how tired I was we we arrived in Paris something just lit up inside me. Gorgeous city. A lot of cafes, a lot of places Read more…


Making the world FashionABLE with Barrett Ward and Amber Lehman


I was so excited to meet Barrett Ward from FashionABLE. Barrett and I started our conversation when I entered the design contest that was held in conjunction with the One Campaign and the Alt Summit conference. As I researched what FashionABLE was all about, I knew he had to come on and share his story Read more…


Annie Selke on Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert and how she manages a mountain of inspiration!


Yipee! It’s Annie Selke and I at her headquarters in Pittsfield, MA. Annie is an author, designer and founder  the renowned home furnishing companies of Pine Cone Hill and Dash and Albert. Pine Cone Hill  features bedding, sleepware, table linens and accessories (eek! fun! scarves!) with a bright, happy and contemporary vibe. Dash and Albert  features unique, durable Read more…


Sarai Mitnick from Colette patterns on how and why she started her own pattern company

Y1290 Colette Sewing BLADS.indd

I sat down to talk to Sarai Mitnick from Colette Patterns recently to find out a little bit more about her and her business. I was so surprised to learn what she was doing before she started her pattern company (tech girl). I picked up her book awhile back and was delighted to find feminine, sweet and stylish Read more…

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Designer Amanda Pearl Brotman brings style and charm to the world of accessories


Well, ladies you can only imagine how happy I was to interview this accessory designer!!! I have been following  Amanda Pearl for some time and have fallen in love with everything about her style! Her handbags and jewelry are to-die-for chic! So girly, so sophisticated, right up my alley! Apparently, many celebrities agree with me. Amanda creates elegant bags  that are Read more…


Amy Butler on growth and shifting her business Part 2


Here is the continuation of my conversation with Amy Butler.  In this very candid chat, she discusses the tough financial decisions that she and her husband have had to make in the last year. She says that when they looked at all aspects of their business that, ”The more honest we were, the more empowered we were.” THAT Read more…


Getting to know Amy Butler’s spirit as she talks about Blossom Magazine and her business, Part 1


Amy Butler is back! What I realized is that when Amy and I get together we talk!!! She has so much heartfelt insight on herself and the direction of her business, that I made this interview 2 parts. I was surprised and impressed by Amy’s candor in this interview. Surprised that she is so completely transparent Read more…


Erin Hiemstra from Apartment 34 on business, branding and content marketing


I met Erin Hiemstra when I took one of her classes on social media and branding.  Boy, was I impressed! Erin is a lifestyle blogger, or as she calls it, a content marketer. I love her gumption; she went from working full time at a PR firm to a full time blogger. Erin has her Read more…


Jessica Swift moves and grooves


Jessica Swift is an all around terrific personality!! You will completely warm up to her, I know I did! In this interview she talks about how and why she has diversified her art income. From e courses, art licensing, to manufacturing. Jessica is tireless and brave when it comes to putting herself out there! (BTW, I just love, love, Read more…


Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society talks about providence and showing up as the best version of you!

Brooklyn Style 021312

At the bottom of Hilary Rushford signature it reads “With grace and gumption!”  and that is the perfect phrase for her! She is a stylist, fashion blogger and web TV host who is on the move! She has had opportunities come to her in the most serendipitous fashion and she shares all the things that got her into her perfect sweet spot. (Super funny!) Read more…

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Patty Young Part 2, Check out her new digs, listen to her secrets of surviving a start up!


It’s part 2 of my interview with designer Patty Young! In this half she gives your a tour of her new studio, AWESOME! Even her assistants make an appearance! But what is even better she talks about what it took to start designing for ModKid! All this juicy info made for two parts and you just Read more…

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