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Melody Miller dreams big with Cotton and Steel


You have to hear this story!! I love  a courageous woman willing to strike out and do something BIG and this guest has done just that! Melody Miller has designed a life and a creative business exactly the way she thought it needed to be. This is a GREAT story about a creative woman who Read more…

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Let’s talk about ideas, inspiration and copying


Well the title to this post and video is loaded, right? I could write a lot of text, but I would rather have you tune in to today’s video and you can give me your thoughts. After all-I have been having this conversation with myself all week, so it is about time I had it with Read more…


Jill McDonald designs joyful memories


I met Jill McDonald  years ago when I was walking Print Source. Her art really stood out to me! It was bright, fresh and original and friendly. I have kept my eye on her as the years progressed and have been delighted to see her business excel! In this interview she talks about “the biz”! Read more…


The colorful world of Samantha Hahn


Samantha Hahn is my guest today, she is a fabulous illustrator with a client list that anyone would envy. With clients like The Cut (New York Magazine), Daily Candy, Refinery 29,  J.Crew, Marc Jacobs, Mac Cosmetics,  Tiffany’s, Victoria’s Secret, she is one busy lady! I am amazed at how prolific she is and I love that she has kept up with Read more…


My Own Story

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 6.06.35 PM

It’s a new year and I am telling my own story. Exciting and YIKES at the same time. I just took a deep breath and went for it. I cracked myself up at the end when I thought I had covered everything-hello!!-not everything but I wanted to tell you about  my creative journey and how it Read more…


Sheila Meehan on outfitting your art licensing portfolio


Sheila Meehan from Meehan Design Group is my guest today! She has been in art licensing for YEARS! And she is sharing her experience with you, yippee! Not only is she an agent to some of today’s brightest artists (you know Cori Dantini is a fav of mine!) she also consults and is now teaching! She has Read more…


Ronnie Walter, artist, writer and smart aleck


Ronnie Walter is a hoot! (And she uses the smart aleck phrase on her on website, thank you very much) I enjoy her when she pops into the Smart Creative Women Facebook page. She  always has a clever quip to add. Turns out she has quite a few “quips” and she has complied them to Read more…


Brenda Pinnick tells a color story


Have you seen what Brenda has been up to lately?! Anyone who has been following her journey the last year on Facebook has been thoroughly blown away by her work. When she decided to go for broke and concentrate on her deep love of painting, it was like a fire was lit under her. She has Read more…

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Stephanie Ryan the sweetest powerhouse you will ever meet!

Rose Garden

Here is a re-airing of my interview with Stephanie Ryan. She shares how she put together her “brand deck” inside the Smart Creative Style e-course Welcome to the beautiful world of Stephanie Ryan! I have absolutely loved Stephanie’s work and aesthetic since the moment I met her. Her painting technique is uniquely her own and she works in one of Read more…


Claudine Hellmuth shares her creative story


I am re-airing my interview with Claudine! She is one of the FABULOUS guests who is onboard to help in the Smart Creative Style Course. This is a great talk with artist and crafter Claudine Hellmuth. She has her fingers in some really interesting pies! She authors craft books, creates original art, teaches workshops and Read more…

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Sarah Jane Wright from Sarah Jane Studios shares her creative story


Today I am re-airing my interview with Sarah Jane! She is one of the FABULOUS guests who is onboard to help in the Smart Creative Style Course. P.S. She has a new addition to her family since  we last talked! Love! OOOH! I am just so excited to share this interview with you! I have been Read more…

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An inside look at the Smart Creative Style Course

pink_stripe_complete RGB_72

I don’t know what is making me happier this morning putting this course together or learning new technology to make this video!! This was a creative exercise for me! Woot! The girl CAN still learn new tricks, who knew? 2 days for a 3 minute video and I thought illustration was time consuming! Haha! I Read more…


Mary Beth Freet from Pink Light Studio


Oh my gosh! Fan of art licensing? You need to watch this! Trying to figure out how to make it in that biz? You need to watch this! Need to motivation to start a new business but are afraid you don’t “know” enough to get started? You need to watch this! Mary Beth Freet  from Read more…


Scattering Joy with Kathy Davis


What do you think of the new animated intro?! I was so excited to talk to Kathy Davis about her career, her business and her personal artistic journey. She is a greeting card MASTER, painting and writing meaningful messages to “scatter joy” out into the world. She is such a warm,  down to earth entrepreneur. Read more…


What are you up to Claudine Hellmuth?


I recently contacted Claudine Hellmuth to see what she was up to! I see her tweeting away  all the time (how does she find time?) She was such a fun and warm interview! If you haven’t watched this episode yet, be sure and watch it. Claudine is a hardworking and talented artist. She is down-to-earth Read more…


Chris Chun on how he defines beauty


Today’s guest is a Smart Creative Man! Chris Chun is an amazing artist and sweet spirit living and creating in Thailand. Listen in as he talks about his background in product development and how he positions himself and his art in the marketplace. Take note on how long he said it took to find his style Read more…


What are you up to, Khristian A. Howell?


Let’s catch up with Khristian A. Howell. She is such a dynamo! She had her canvas calendar featured in the January issue of Real Simple Magazine, did a guest post over at the Surtex blog (Did you know they had a blog?) and had pillows featured in the HGTV Magazine! Whew! Listen to this interview with Read more…


Master pattern designer Jenean Morrison


This is a fun one! Jenean Morrison is a uniquely talented surface pattern designer, nobody, and I mean nobody, can wield Adobe Illustrator like she does! Not only that, take a look at her hand painted fine art!!  Incredible, right? How can anyone pay that much attention to detail? I think she must have been Read more…


The inspired work of Caroline Simas from Multiple Blessings


On this episode of Smart Creative Women you get to meet the lovely and talented, Caroline Simas from Multiple Blessings. What a sweetheart! What a hard workin’ smart cookie! I so enjoyed getting to know her and learning about her journey. There is so much to tell you in fact, that I made a short Read more…


Michael Storrings, a Creative Director who makes time to create!


I came across the work of Michael Storrings years ago when I was wishing away at a freelance career. I emailed him for advice having no idea that he was a Creative Director at St. Martin’s Press. He was kind enough to answer my email, give me some tips and I was off to the races. Read more…

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