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Let’s talk about ideas, inspiration and copying


Well the title to this post and video is loaded, right? I could write a lot of text, but I would rather have you tune in to today’s video and you can give me your thoughts. After all-I have been having this conversation with myself all week, so it is about time I had it with Read more…


Room to Grow


Busy, busy last two weeks. In hindsight the fact that I had construction workers here for a solid week and then had to move my stuff,  buy new furniture and have some semblance of order happening, I think I am doing pretty well. I don’t think I realize the impact what having  more ROOM will Read more…


Creative Office Spaces: I am Moving Up!


I am on the move! I am moving my office to the upstairs attic bowling alley stretch space of our house. Tom is taking the pink room (needs to be repainted) Luke is moving down to the bottom nearer his bathroom and I get a new glorious space!! Over 500 square feet to house my Read more…


A Giveaway, A Survey and A Gift!


edited 4/10 Congratulations Melinda Peterson for winning the giveaway! And thank you all for taking my survey! Lots to do and tell you today! As you may have seen my card was in the March Olive Box, the feature was watercolor.  YAY! Did you know that I teach Watercolor 101 here? Now I get to Read more…


Why meeting people (especially women) is a really good thing


When I typed out the title to this post, I had a strange image of what type of odd spam comments and SEO hits I might get. But I wanted to do a quick share of some fun news which revolves around meeting women, staying in touch with them and being FOR them, behind them Read more…


Marketing your work: Turning pain points into joy points


My version of a walk through Madison Square Park, NYC.  There is a popular theory  amongst marketing  experts to meet  what they call customers “pain points” to help bring your goods and services into the market place. It goes something like this, someone needs help with their social media. You can write blog posts that help Read more…


It’s how you think about the race that matters


Over the weekend we took my son to the New England Regional Track finals. He kept warning me that they were seeded just about last and were not expected to win their race or even come close to winning. I gently reminded him that earlier in the season he had not expected to get to run Read more…


Speaking of Blossoming…


Over the weekend Amy Butler sent a link to the newest issue of Blossom Magazine. I thought I would just take a quick peek and quickly realized that I was sinking into a  joyful treat. Deep, thoughtful articles and visual eye candy had me glued to my seat. As Amy gets to know herself in a more Read more…

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Clearing up the fog


I have to share what has happened to me in that last couple of months. Maybe if you are on a foggy part of your own journey my story might help. You may or may not know that I tucked my paint brushes and aspects of my creativity away for a bit while I started Smart Read more…


It is SCW Anniversary Week: Here is what I have learned!


Celebrate good times, come on! (insert Lionel Richie tune) My age might be showing on that tune choice but I am having a moment a celebrating the start of my profitable 3rd year at Smart Creative Women!! This has been the most pleasurable hard work that I have ever done! In this video, I share what Read more…

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What is your visual story?


Does it reflect you? Does it say what you need it to say to sell your goods or services? Most importantly, does make an emotional connection with your audience? Those are a lot questions for a solopreneur to answer! We live a in a VERY visual world and at this point your visuals either ARE Read more…


Social Media Strategies: Alt Summit Recap


More things I learned at Alt! Even though I consider myself a big picture kind of girl I understand love is in the execution of the details. Today I am sharing  a couple simple strategies that I took away from Alt that can help you understand and market your brand!  I had to put all this on video Read more…


Alt Summit recap Part 1: Know your heart


I am switching up the order of my posts this week! I arrived home from Salt Lake City late Sunday night, I think I was the last person to leave Alt Summit. I hope I didn’t forget to turn out the lights. I wanted to go over my take aways with you. I think this might come in Read more…


Classic or Modern: A visual challenge for you!


Watch today’s video!! Let’s have some fun! I am off to ALT Summit this week where I am heading up a roundtable discussion on Tools for cultivating into your originality: Why it is important not to look like the person standing next to you. You know my thoughts by now, “It’s a crazy busy visual Read more…

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Don’t be apprehensive about yourself, your creativity or your marketing!


Tom is back! We talk about marketing (or anti-marketing) and why some people just can’t wrap their brains around it! He gives a bit of insight into what he covers in the Smart Creative Style Course and then I give you a bit of my insights. Tune in, whether you are on the fence about Read more…

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How to know when to change the direction of your business


A new year means new direction, right? Maybe, maybe not. I find it interesting when I am talking to people and coaching clients that they often want to give up on their current revenue streams. I think having a creative mind means many ideas are generated. Change can seem more interesting than the status quo but Read more…

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Happy New Year! Resolutions and Revolutions

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 8.24.31 AM

You didn’t think I could let the New Year start without a hello, hooray and some fun, did you!? What  plans are you building into your life and business this next year? What happened last year of note? Let me know in the comments. Are you capitalizing on your highlights?  (See what I mean by this in today’s video.) Read more…


Finding the missing piece to your business


Instincts, intuition, trusting yourself.  It all comes down to you making the right decisions for your brand and your business. A big piece of that is getting to fully understand what your brand is all about and understand what YOU are all about. I believe in your creative business should not look like anybody else’s!  With that note, Read more…

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Selling Something? Pay Attention to your own shopping habits


My guess is that you are doing some shopping this month. You are either making purchases in person or online. This is the PERFECT time to tune into your own shopping habits and to dissect what prompts you to make purchases. It is also a perfect time to apply what you are observing to your Read more…

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Experiencing December


Happiest of holidays to you! I have been bitten by the bug, I confess! I spent Thanksgiving in NH at the historic Mount Washington Inn where Christmas lights twinkled, fresh snow fell and then it cleared up for a perfect view of the Presidential Mount Range. I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie! I am Read more…

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