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Life Cycle of a Dream


Pull up a chair, have I got a story to tell you! Today I am  finally to pulling back the curtain on a BIG project that I have been working on. This is a big step of faith that I needed to do today when I realized how much I needed YOU! Months ago,  I gave Read more…


Truths and Myths about Accomplishments


I am mixing it up with a podcast only message today! Tune in to see what’s up with that! This podcast comes from a  place of love as I talk about what I see missing discussing within the creative community. My podcast today will help you understand the truth behind the myth that someone is juggling Read more…


Passion, Skill and Talent


By guest contributor Tom Henell (Today’ topic is a hot one in our home  and I would love your thoughts xoxo Monica) Have you ever watched American Idol, or a similar reality TV show?  You know the early season where they show the excruciating auditions, because they think it is entertaining?  There is inevitably at Read more…


Failure IS an option


Tom Henell is the husband of Monica Lee-Henell and chief marketing officer of our household. Recently we got him to share his wisdom over on the atly platform via a course titled Marketing 101. He is guest posting this week while Monica runs around NYC. If I could provide you one piece of advice it would Read more…


The Path to Enlightenment


Tom Henell is guest posting today. Tom is the husband and chief marketing exec of our household. He loves hiking, triathlons, puppies and fortunately me! He teaches Marketing 101 on the platform. If your creative business needs a marketing boost, Tom’s no nonsense approach can help! His course  and all atly classes (including Discover Your Passion) are 25% Read more…


Are you sitting on untapped potential?

Screen shot 2014-08-24 at 12.59.42 PM

Audio Podcast: Here is some Monday Motivation for you today! It is too easy to look at where someone else is and wonder if we will ever become all we desire to become. Even though we may admire people (ok and sometimes down right envy) we are all on the same journey. If you believe Read more…


Who and What I am into this Week: Seeing Style Patterns


One of my favorite things to do is to walk away from something visually for a bit and then come back to it and surprise myself. I have several hidden boards on my Pinterest account and I recently clicked over to this one and was almost startled at what I saw. This again confirms that what Read more…

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Where are you on your journey?

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 10.51.28 AM

Audio Podcast: I have a question for you today! I want to know where you are in your journey! I came up with a list of popular “mental places” I have found myself in during my creative life.  None of the places are bad places to be at all! It’s is only bad if I Read more…


What lies beneath your creativity?


  Even in the midst of leading a creative life we often get waylaid with details that are inconsequential.  We are often thrilled that we get to explore and lead a creative business and life, that we miss what matters and why.  What is the point of exploring and producing creativity? Is it just for Read more…


Be creative and compassionate: Help Khali halt MS


Please tune in to today’s video’s!! You may have heard me mention that I was going to be making this run of the Smart Creative Style Course a fund raiser. You mave have watched some of Khali Whatley’s videos.  She is a branding expert who instructs inside the Smart Creative Style Course.  She is simply one Read more…


It’s time to market yourself and your business!


People  can get stalled when it comes to marketing their businesses and themselves and I don’t want that to be you! Today I am going to introduce (or re-introduce) you to Tom Henell, my better half! In this video he is giving out tips as well as explaining what you can expect in his Marketing 101 Read more…


On being human

photo (28)

I recently experienced a situation that left me feeling unprepared which then led to me feeling flawed and humbled. The eternal optimist inside me has a “can do” attitude and usually thinks of every scenario so I am fully prepared for what may be coming my way.  I generally don’t like to be blindsided. What I realized is that Read more…


Is there a difference between waiting and patience?


I just had to pop in and say HELLO today! I am in the process of moving forward on a BIG project after having to be really patient while waiting for the puzzle pieces to come together. So today I want to talk about the “in between time!” Oh man, sometimes trying to find answers to Read more…


Would Walt Disney have survived the Shark Tank?


My family recently took a trip to Walt Disney World. With 2 teenagers in tow, one disgruntled and one thrilled. off we went the magical land of Disney. I had a myriad of emotions that passed through my brain on our week long sojourn that included 5 days seeing all the parks, shows, fireworks and Read more…


Who and What I am into this Week: A heartfelt transformation


This is a repost from Heatherlee Chan over at Lady Poppins Art. When I read this post I actually cried, when I put the style course together, I asked myself “What do people need?” While how-to’s in marketing and branding are good and paramount when you own your own business, it all comes together based on Read more…


Embrace your fears?

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 11.31.10 AM

Befriending your  fear might just be the fastest way to move past it.  I figure if FEAR has so many other friends (like doubt and procrastination) why not embrace it so you can control its destiny?  In this video, I talk about some of my favorite tips on how to deal with fear and one specific TRAP that can Read more…


It’s happened! atly joins as a sponsor!


( Insert Pharrell Williams HAPPY song here) COULD I just be any more excited?!!  I am jumping up and down on the inside…ok, on the outside too. Much to the embarrassment of my teenager. We have a new sponsor and YOU ALL MADE IT HAPPEN! You have been showing up faithfully to Smart Creative Women Read more…


Are you impressed with yourself?

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 8.59.32 AM

When was the last time you actively thought, “Oh yeah, I am all that and more?!”  Well, it’s time you do!! It seems we are always waiting for our next great act without realizing that we have had some pretty stellar past acts. In today’s quick video, I am giving you permission to OWN JUST HOW GREAT Read more…


White Space, index cards and rotaries


Today in this short video, I  am talking about having SPACE in your life to edit, rest and make decisions! All important topics for you and your creativity! Watch this video if you need to fine tune your decision making! If you want to use the exercises that I mention about you can download these helpful tools! Download a Read more…


Dreams. Color and Creative Women


I don’t even know where to begin! I got to opportunity to head to Granville, Ohio, the home of Amy Butler, to her Dreaming in Color Workshop last weekend. I put it on my calendar a couple months ago and tucked it in the back of my mind. As the date got nearer, I knew Read more…

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