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It’s how you think about the race that matters


Over the weekend we took my son to the New England Regional Track finals. He kept warning me that they were seeded just about last and were not expected to win their race or even come close to winning. I gently reminded him that earlier in the season he had not expected to get to run Read more…


Speaking of Blossoming…


Over the weekend Amy Butler sent a link to the newest issue of Blossom Magazine. I thought I would just take a quick peek and quickly realized that I was sinking into a  joyful treat. Deep, thoughtful articles and visual eye candy had me glued to my seat. As Amy gets to know herself in a more Read more…

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Jenn Louden gives tips on listening to your true life!

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 6.23.36 AM

I love Jenn Louden because she is a practical yet  so so thoughtful. Jenn has written  6 books on well being and personal wisdom.  She talks about your minimum requirements for self care-this is a TERRFIC concept. This is NOT a list of goals, but what you need to be content and at peace especially when life Read more…


Creative Director of Peter Pauper Press, Heather Zschock


Since I am headed to the NY Now (formerly the NY Gift Show) to judge the Louie Awards this week, it only seems appropriate that I have Heather Zschock on as my guest today! Heather is the Creative Director at Peter Pauper Press. Remember how I said creative directors are busy, busy and are not Read more…


Social Media Strategies: Alt Summit Recap


More things I learned at Alt! Even though I consider myself a big picture kind of girl I understand love is in the execution of the details. Today I am sharing  a couple simple strategies that I took away from Alt that can help you understand and market your brand!  I had to put all this on video Read more…


Don’t be apprehensive about yourself, your creativity or your marketing!


Tom is back! We talk about marketing (or anti-marketing) and why some people just can’t wrap their brains around it! He gives a bit of insight into what he covers in the Smart Creative Style Course and then I give you a bit of my insights. Tune in, whether you are on the fence about Read more…

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Enchanted Makeovers founder Terry Grahl


I am so thrilled to introduce Terry Grahl to you! She is the founder of the nonprofit, Enchanted Makeovers. Since 2007, Enchanted Makeovers’ mission has been to transform homeless shelters for women and children into places that inspire behavioral and psychological change. Terry’s personal story of how the mission found her is filled with one small miracle after Read more…


My Trend Report


Last weeks book winner of The Essentials of Fabulous is Joy Laforme! ….or my stuff that is sticking around report.  The internet is making trends happen SO fast. In Smart Creative Style once you find YOUR creative style, you can then decide which trends you will capitalize on (if they are a good fit) and which ones Read more…


Branding Your Creative Style with Khali Whatley


Today is a special episode! Don’t miss this!!! Join me as I make a quick introduction to Khali Whatley! Khali is the branding and marketing expert who is coming on board for the Smart Creative Style course. We are so excited to be able to bring you this course and in this video we get more detailed Read more…


Need Press? Amy Flurry has some ideas for you!


Artist, editor and author Amy Flurry has got some things to share with you!! You don’t want to miss this episode. Amy unlocks some  secrets for you on how to gain press for you and your brand. Can’t afford a PR team? That’s okay, she says you can do it yourself.  I had to know Read more…


Do you suspect you are playing small? It is time to Play Big with Tara Mohr


Tara Mohr wants you to quit playing small and start Playing Big. When I heard Tara interviewed for the first time, I immediately googled her.  I knew that she was a person I wanted to hear more from. I KNEW that she was saying something that many people needed to hear! Apparently I am not the only one, Tara Read more…


My thoughts about online courses, continuing education, personal growth and fun


Here is a mini riff from me as I received lots of emails this last week asking me about online courses. Everyone knows that I take them and enjoy them. I am actually pretty careful about which ones I take. In this video, I give you my thoughts and some criteria that I use in Read more…


Smart Creative Business: Your Website Checklist


Today I brought my husband, Tom Henell, back on to go over your web presence and your website checklist. Websites, Monica… really? Again???  Yawn, yawn, I know but I can’t dish out snacks and not serve up some meat as well. This is only 16 minutes long and it can make or break how professional you appear, Read more…


Dr. Elisabeth Crim on listening to what your body is telling you


I thought I would introduce you to my BFF again, just incase you missed this episode. I am on my way out to see her, actually I am on my way out to my Great Aunt’s funeral but the bonus is that I get to spend time with her in the process. The beauty of Read more…


You, your ‘tude and social media


We all have choices to make and I often believe that how we CHOOSE to VIEW something that makes the most difference. Take social media, the topic of today’s video, you can love it, hate it, tolerate it. You can sell on it, entertain on it or stalk lurk on it. Buyer beware, whatever you do, people Read more…


Attorney Kiffanie Stahle on copyrights and protecting your work online

Blue Hydrant

Warning: Awesome business resource for creatives ahead! Have some lingering legal questions about copyrights? If my conversation with Maria Brophy wasn’t enough to give you a kick in the pants, my talk with attorney Kiffanie Stahle will leave give you the final information and push. How to think about Pinterest? We jump right into that as well! Read more…


Maria Brophy talks copyrights


Copyrights! Copyrights! Maria is back!! Let’s get serious about business before we head into the holidays. Listen as Maria Brophy shares some wisdom on the subject. We are no nonsense about getting you to register yours! I even have a few tips how I get hard things like this done. Maria gives some insightful examples on the Read more…


Networking 101, a lesson for introverts and extroverts


In this video Tom and I cover networking. We discuss how this might look as an introvert or as an extrovert.  Tom and I are two very different people but we both agree that if you are in business, you need to learn how to network. I have 2 graphics the show some networking that Read more…


Maria Brophy shares tips on finding an art sponsor and a secret tool she uses to make contacts!


Oh, tune in to this one!! This one opened my mind to the possibility of sponsorships..Maria Brophy really applies this idea in a way I had not thought of and it could really help you too! Maria also shares a  secret tool that she uses before she reaches out to potential sponsors and contacts. This was really interesting. Read more…


What to do when you are in “the meantime”


Today I am sharing my thoughts with you about “the meantime.”   I know it sounds like I am saying “Maine time” in the video….I have such a hard time taping myself alone, argh! You should see how much editing I leave on the table (and a bit I left in at the end…) The Read more…

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