Carrie Schmitt: From heartbreak to full bloom

You just  have to meet my guest today! Carrie Schmitt has such story of triumph. She was diagnosed with a rare disease that made her allergic to heat that stopped her in her tracks, it even became life threatening. She had to completely alter her lifestyle and had to combat her way out of her depression about her situation. A voice inside her told her to learn to paint! Pretty amazing, right? Now, look at her go! What beautiful results! You simply have to listening to this interview. Carrie’s determination is remarkable! She has turned into quite a savvy business woman, with a new book, and an interactive yoga/creativity e course. It was fun to hear give some tips on how she sets out to get press 😉 You’ll like it too! Carrie is one to watch!

Wild Divinity700

Self painting700crop

Studio desk700


Schmitt_Enough is Enough700 How fun is her studio?!

studio paint wall700

wedding and shoes700


  • Linda Tieu says:

    Super inspiring story – amazing studio space… everything just makes me smile!!!

    • Carrie Schmitt says:

      Thanks, Linda! Your words make me smile!!!! XO, Carrie

  • Patty Palmer says:

    Can’t wait to listen to yet another inspiring story. Love your engaging style, Monica!

    • Carrie Schmitt says:

      Hope you enjoy the conversation, Patty! XO, Carrie

      • Patty Palmer says:

        I did, Carrie. You are amazing! Now, can you design a yoga mat that has your beautiful flowers printed on it? Yoga mats are so drab! All he best to you.

  • Laura Gaskill says:

    I loved this one, Monica! 🙂 Will definitely be following Carrie & can’t wait to see her book!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Yay!! How are you Laura? Did I see you were moving or just wanted to to get away from New England weather?! haha!

    • Carrie Schmitt says:

      Thank you so much, Laura! I’m glad our paths have crossed here. XO, Carrie

  • This interview makes my heart sing! Thank you, Monica and Carrie! Carrie, your work is lovely, your story inspiring. I look forward to reading your book.

  • kirkkim says:

    I love her studio! She is such a great inspiration. You can see her influence from Kim Parker, and it is great to see how her individual style has evolved. Her paintings are juicy goodness. I love them!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Juicy goodness, so cool!

    • Carrie says:

      Thank you for your kindness! I love Kim Parker’s art and she is definitely one of my early influences. You are so sweet. “Juicy goodness”–I love that description. XO, Carrie

  • Thank you so much, Jacqui! Your kind words made my day and encourage me to keep on going! Blessings to you! XO, Carrie

  • Guest says:

    SO INSPIRING! WAY-TO-GO Carrie! THANK YOU again Monica!!!!

  • Emma Schonenberg says:

    Your art…. simply LOVE IT! SO INSPIRING! WAY-TO-GO Carrie!! Pre-ordered your book! I wonder if cross fit will have the same effect as yoga… hmmm… Good thing my gym offers both! 😉
    Thank you again Monica!!!!

  • Hira Pascoe says:

    Hi Monica and Carrie – thank you, thank you, thank you SO much for this sharing. I was diagnosed with a heart condition in November at a time when my life was forging ahead. WOW – it was a shock and much has changed, I've felt truly scared at times and have struggled sometimes to stay with my newly birthed joy in painting. And oh my goodness my pace is SO MUCH slower!!!! Choice points fill my days: be kind to yourself, seek inspiration, know that love is the truth, be still in joy – these are the choices I seek to make. Carrie, you are an inspiration to me, I love your work and your beauty shone out in this interview. Thank you again and I am looking forward to reading your book …….. and to painting and yoga!!!!

  • Hira, Thank you so much for sharing your own story! I think that fact that you are consciously making choices FOR YOU and your well being (your state of mind) is truly impressive!

  • Hi Hira, You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for your kind words and best wishes to you on your journey. I wish you health and happiness. Keep in touch, XO, Carrie Schmitt

  • Pippa Shaw says:

    This was such a wonderful podccast! I have loved Carrie’s work for a while but had no idea about her story. Amazing lady! I too love to listen to Monica’s interviews while I work for inspiration, so thank you!

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