Caroline Macaron fits your stylish feet!

Ladies!! I have found bliss! I am interviewing a shoe maker today!! How exciting is that! Mother and daughter team, Caroline and Catherine are the brain power behind Caroline Macaron a stylish and elegant show that fit your needy tired feet! The original idea came about when Catherine did not want to give up wearing stylish shoes when she developed bunions. (I love  French sensibility!)  Her daughter, Caroline set out on making the perfect show for feet with “needs.” (Hello! Don’t all our feet have needs?) I learned so much in this interview, even why I used to be able to keep my pumps on my feet and why with new shoes I can’t (hint: it’s all in the back heel height) Tune in to this episode and learn what they did right and wrong with their start up and why they have such LOYAL customers! AND if you or a friend have a hard time finding elegant wearable shoes, you might find the Cinderella fit you need with Caroline Macaron!


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