British textile designer, Lisa Levis

I have adored Lisa Levis (formerly Stickley) aesthetic for years now!  I was thrilled when this talented British accessories  designer reinvented her darling take on the world in her new brand Betty and Walter. My chat with her does NOT disappoint! Her outlook on design, creativity, hard times (there have been some) is as heartfelt as her work. She is in a word, “lovely.” I also found her insightful and charming.  Am I gushing? Yes. And not just because I love a cute accent and  a well designed bag! I am impressed when any creative entrepreneur has gumption enough to get in her car and sell her goods shop to shop and when they are  able to pick themselves up after hard times, staying incredibly creative.  Tune in and soak it up, you’ll like this one. Be sure and check out her site and her  Pinterest boards, her style will rub off on you in the best way!


Betty & Walter - treacletoffee-mabel strawberryjam party rain bettyandwalter-purses1



Just look at the SERIOUSLY cute about page!



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