Brenda Pinnick brings color to the party!

Omigoodness! Artist and colorist Brenda Pinnick is a bundle of fun energy. You may not need a cup of coffee to watch this interview! She had me laughing before we even began.  I don’t think I have ever seen anyone embrace color and all it’s nuances like she does. Brenda is such a firecracker! Her background of working at Hallmark and Plaid helped her realize she wanted to be working and coloring her own world as an artist. She discusses what it is like to have been on QVC and HSN. Brenda has been fearless about stepping into opportunity, a really important trait for a women working for herself.

She is running a color and mix media class in Oct, you will hear her explain what it covers in the interview (hint: a lot more than you think!)

Brenda Pinnick manages to juggle all the balls she has in the air with exuberance, zest and color! Totally enjoyable!

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  • This is too funny. goofy girls. 🙂 thanks for sharing! LOVE IT!

    • Monica Lee says:

      I am glad you liked it, it was nice to be a bit goofy. And I have been talking to my husband about that whole coffee in bed thing….

  • Patti Gay says:

    Fun interview. Love the background pattern in the interview and her glasses are divine!

  • Monica, it was so much fun talking with you! We DID get a bit goofy, didn’t we!?

    Patti, I decided it I had to wear reading glasses, at least they’d be fun! I wish I had these in every color!

    Leslie, looking forward to having you in my class!!!

  • suzanne says:

    Hey Barbara,
    I married an engineer too!


  • I so enjoyed getting to know Brenda’s fun personality during this interview. I also especially loved the backdrop and complimentary colors she wore, those glasses were super cool. I too wake up feeling inspired by color, you made me want to get my yellow paint out!

    Thanks again Monica for a FUN and informative interview.

    • Hi Christine, I hope you did get out that yellow paint! BTW- I love your work, it’s simply beautiful! Thanks for your nice comment!

  • Fun! I was going to listen to it again now that I am home and now my sound want work. Ugh! I couldn’t remember the Etsy team Brenda talked about.
    Just love all those colors Brenda.
    Thanks to both of you.

  • Meghan Davis says:

    This is by far my most favorite interview yet! I am absolutely in love with color and I familiarize myself with Brenda and her passions for design. I am definitely going to look into taking her e-course because I really want to study and research color to understand it more fully. Thank you Monica and Brenda for the great inspiration!!

  • Lida Enche says:

    Absolutely loved the interview. Am painting my 3rd fabric collection for quilting currently and this interview was very inspiring! Thanks! 🙂

    • Monica Lee says:

      I am so glad you liked it! How exciting for you your 3rd collection!

      • Lida, your hand painted florals are just lovely! Congratulations on your third collection. Maybe I’ll see you at quilt market next month!

        • Lida says:

          Well, wouldn’t that be peachy!? Of course, I would love to see you at Market. Thank you, Brenda, for making yourself available to be interviewed – what a treat it was to hear you talk about your professional, creative life.

      • Lida says:

        Thank you! Yes I am excited! I love that I get to put more of my art out into the world, and also, that I am able to put into the action the lessons that I have inevitably learned along the way. Thanks, Monica for Smart Creative Women. What a great resource.

  • Laura Zarrin says:

    What a hoot Brenda is! Love her & so glad to finally ‘meet’ her. Love the glasses. I also have an engineering/marketing husband. It makes for an interesting mix. I also decided that if I have to wear readers, they darn well better be fun! Thanks, Ladies!

    • Hi Laura, It does make an interesting mix. As I said in the interview, I tell him I married him for his math skills ; )

      Engineer/marketing is unusual, too. I wonder- does your husband wear any colors other than gray, blue, khaki, etc.?

      • Laura Zarrin says:

        You’re too funny! He got his degree in engineering, but quickly moved over to more technical marketing. He actually wears ‘happy’ colors, like salmon, purple, burnt orange, & a lime green. He’s very logical & analytical–the complete opposite of me. I use him as my spare (and more reliable brain).

  • Amber says:

    This was the most informative interview! Thanks to both of you for allowing us to see inside of your creative and business lives. And, Brenda, I love that you are brave and know it. GOOD for you! My best friend once advised me that if I have to make a choice, choose the braver thing to do. I think that is a great mantra to live by.

    • Amber, I LOVE that mantra!

      Honestly, If I waited until everything was “perfect” I would never move forward. I learned to trust that the little details will work out if you have the big vision and more importantly, the passion for whatever it is you’re doing. I’ve also found that people are way more forgiving than we think. If (when) I make a mis-step, if I apologize and mean it, usually people will respect me and encourage me more! We’re all human!

      • Amber says:

        I totally agree, Brenda. We all just need to do our best and authentically go through the world. And I find being brave to be more interesting even if it means running into a few more bumps in the road!

  • Ron Moerbe says:

    What a great interview. Love all the colors. I must get braver with my color selections in my home and closet. Husband gets crazy around too much color. Monica, you are getting braver with your colors. Your palette has been the same since you were in grade school…always beautiful. Thanks, both of you. I love it when you all laugh.

  • Such a bright & lovely interview on this old dreary day we are having! When I was in college (I studied Fashion Design) I had a professor tell me I was afraid of color! Now I thought that was crazy because, hello, I had a PINK VW bug…but I think she was right in a lot of ways. That’s always stayed with me (these oh SO many years!) and I still find its hard to break out of my color palette(or ‘color rut’?). I would love to play with neon-I think this is the push to do just that! thank you Monica and Brenda!

  • Natalie Ryan says:

    Such a lovely and inspiring interview – thank you Brenda and Monica!

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