Branding personality and mission at Pins and Needles

Yipee! Another “live and in person” chat! It was such a pleasure seeing Rachel Low when I was in New York a couple weeks ago. Rachel is the owner of Pins and Needles, a fun and stylish craft boutique on the upper East side of Manhattan. Rachel and I sat down in her  darling shop to talk about how she developed the  look and feel of her shop and her brand. This was fun and quick, people were starting arrive! S he talks about how her past experiences working with luxury brands has influenced how she treats her own business. She really had vision when it came to opening her craft  and sewing boutique. What a bare and unattractive space, ack! Not sure I could have seen the potential she saw! You’ll love  hearing how she communicates her personal style within her own business!

(AND YES…that is Molly, her dog, on the table with us. Talk about a relaxing atmosphere!)

Rachel will also be helping inside the Smart Creative Style course. We will be helping students who share their exercises decipher their creative style. It is going to be fun, fun, fun!




  • Gabrielle Krake

    Really awesome! I connected with this interview so much, coming from the same background and striking out on my own, has been a dream but also very difficult from the aspect that I came from brands that had unlimited funds to change the floor or do the windows and now doing it myself with VERY limited funds, I have had to tap my creativity to near extinction. 🙂 Thanks for such great interviews, articles and inspiration!!!

  • Lee Kellogg

    Monica, a great interview with lots of great questions that I am pondering. I am looking at my store/brand/art with different eyes. All perfect questions for me as I am undertaking some visioning for the business. Looking forward to the course too!