Branding Your Creative Style with Khali Whatley

Today is a special episode! Don’t miss this!!!

Join me as I make a quick introduction to Khali Whatley! Khali is the branding and marketing expert who is coming on board for the Smart Creative Style course. We are so excited to be able to bring you this course and in this video we get more detailed about what you will learn. We know that you have a vision for your business and that it might not be moving forward at the pace that you like. We believe that this course can provide a foundation to help find your creative style and then give you practical strategies to propel you and your business forward.

From my creative perspective, the exploration aspect of this course is going to be SO MUCH FUN. You’ll hear me talk about some of my personal breakthroughs as I have implemented the exercises from the course. After the exploration phase, the develop part becomes crystal clear and once these pieces are in place, the delivery aspect becomes seamless. You will discover what your creative style truly is, what your brand looks and feels like and who are you really marketing to.

Tune into to this video, it explains a core philosophy that  I have learned since I started Smart Creative Women. It is getting pulled together in one giant CLEAR (and fun!) course for you. I am thrilled, nervous and excited (as in jumping up and down on the inside.)

Pricing will be announced next week. Tell us what you think in the commmmmmments. Oops, jumping up and down may be happening on the outside too!


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  • Kim

    You both have great energy. Can’t wait for the course!

    • Monica Lee

      Thank you , Kim! Me too! Me too!

  • suzanne urban

    I enjoyed this interview a lot to the point I was “re-winding” to hear Monica break down the key elements of Khali’s message. Especially enjoy how they both stated pulling aspects of your personality out to keep your brand authentic and also to build an emotion around your product when marketing it.

    • Monica Lee

      Yeah! I am so excited Suzanne!!!

  • Suzanne Davis

    Hi, I’ve been a Smart Creative Women “stalker”, uh, Fan! for awhile :) and am just now jumping in with a comment. I love the interviews and info you provide. It is so inspirational and, well, informative! I’m at a “morphing” stage in my life/business and feel as if I’m at a standstill so I’m VERY excited for this course!

    (I follow you on FB through my “other” persona….see, I’m feeling as if I have a “multi-branding” disorder…or “multi-business” disorder-?? haha).

    • Monica Lee

      That is too funny! Multi-business disorder!! May have to use that in my marketing. I completely get what you mean!

    • khaliwhatley

      Suzanne, what an exciting stage in your life/business!

      You’d be surprised how many people (including me) are multi-passionate! It can seem like a business challenge, but it can actually create a really unique positioning for your brand.

  • Robin Sample

    Wow! Now I’m really excited for September to get here!

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