Boaz David: One stop solutions for fashion brands

Today I have Boaz David from  Human B on the show with me. Boaz helped me turn my idea/dream/bags into a reality! If you tuned into my launch story, you will hear that I hit a point where I was about to throw in the towel (ok, there may have been several points!) I found Boaz, a seasoned professional of the fashion industry who guided me through the process. We worked together on tech packs and finding a factory that would do the quality work I wanted for the clutches for XO, Monica Lee .

Human B is a company made up of a marvelous team of industry professionals who help people developing fashion lines. They help with pricing, costs, manufacturing, really any point someone might be at in their journey. In this interview Boaz tells his own story about fashion school in Israel and  some important lessons he learned there. Tune in, learn a few things and get inspired to stay true to your vision! humamb

My planning stages!


End results! xomonicalee_display