BJ Lantz gives insight into the licensing industry

Hey, this girl knows her stuff!  BJ Lantz is a seasoned veteran in this “hot” industry. Artists are scrambling to learn the reality about getting their art on product and in this conversation she dishes on the nitty gritty. This is a “state of the industry” candid conversation that some may find a bit controversial. She also discusses how being diverse and having several “looks” or art styles has helped her in her career. She even gives a pointer about reaching out and making cold calls! You can see her versatile art styles below.

Here is a photo Bj took from her last trip to Paris, you can see more of her love for France on her blog The ArmChair Parisian. This is a shot from the oldest art store in Paris, even Monet shop there!

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  • great interview! i’m one of those brand new wannabe art licensors and the candidness of this interview was helpful (and a little scary!)… thank you for putting this together!
    and wow- BJ – what an amazing range – really encouraging to me because i’ve been having a hard time trying to fit myself into a little box of a certain style instead of letting all of my different styles run free. thank you for showing that it can be done!

  • Monica and BJ: This was FABULOUS! Well done. I was fascinated to hear all you have to say… and have so many of those same feelings about the industry. Oh how it has changed. I’ve been in it twice as long as BJ and will tell you I’ve seen all those changes she discussed, and more. And most are not for the best.
    And Monica: I look forward to many more great interviews! Nice start…..I will pass this on to friends.

  • Monica Lee

    Oh Thank you so much! I appreciate the support and the pass along!

  • This series is going to prove to be the best 30 min. I will spend periodically throughout my week. So much helpful information. I am new to licensing as well and will be exhibiting @ SURTEX for the first time this year. BJ ahs offered up some incredibly candid and useful information. And both of you are SO REAL. You say out loud what I am thinking and i LOVE THAT. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Monica, B.J. – I just sat with my morning cup of coffee and enjoyed your GREAT interview/conversation. Our support, sharing of information and encouragement of one another along the creative journey is so valuable. Thanks!

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  • Hi Monica and BJ,
    I followed a link from Facebook- Great job on the interview.

    My favorite part-
    “Well, they can’t eatcha.”

    haha, love that, will have to remember it.

  • Hi all ~ Thanks so much for the support! It’s a tough business but somebody’s gotta do it, right?? :-))

  • Fantastic, informative, candid and funny interview on the art licensing industry. It’s about time someone told it like it actually is! (without all the sugar coating LOL).

    BJ – I think you’re amazing and Monica – am looking forward to seeing more interviews and learning more about your work.

  • Excellent interview, I felt like i was sitting down for coffee with you two. BJ is the consummate professional and her experience is invaluable to anyone (seasoned or not) in this business. Thanks Monica for a great vehicle for information and a different perspective.

  • Great interview! So nice to hear someone be candid. It was really great to hear the comments on having a range of looks. I also think it is more of an asset. Thanks for all the insight.

  • I loved the interview Monika & BJ! BJ thanks for your honesty about our challenging business. I loved what you shared about loyalty and how rare that can be with manufactures. Just because you have a great collection with a company and it sells great that does not mean you will automatically be asked to design another one any time soon. Much continued success to you!

    BJ, please tell hubby he is wrong they can eatcah and they do!

    Monica…..I have never had the pleasure of meeting you and you have such an adorable warm personality that shines through on the screen. You are a perfect host!

  • Wonderful way to enjoy my morning coffee! Great job, you two… so natural and REAL!! Beej, you got it all together girl, but I already knew that. You give me constant inspiration and encouragement, my friend. Continued success on your new venture, Monica. Looking forward to more!

  • Wow, what great advice for licensing artists especially – thank you for sharing!

  • Great interview! Thank you Monica for asking some hard questions and BJ, for your candid and well thought out answers and for sharing your knowledge and experience. Always good to see you, even if it’s on line!

  • Great interview, ladies!!!
    Really appreciate the balanced insight from a seasoned pro. I would like to know the blog you mentioned that I didn’t quite get the name of: Jim Markette? Thank you, Monica. These interviews are such a treat to my workday.

    • Monica Lee

      Hi Nicky! Jim is fromTwo Town Studios, he and is wife are both in licensing! I am so glad you are enjoying them.