Beth Nicholls discusses collaborations and doing what she loves


Beth Nicholls describes herself an adventurer, wanderer and seeker of knowledge and beauty. I think she is a creative soul who found her place on the planet helping others reach their maximum potential. If you haven’t seen her name pop up all over the internet below are some of the courses that she has created or co-created. She is the author of the popular blog Do What You Love for Life where she posts interviews and the increasingly popular Shared Stories section. Beth is currently living in Japan, so we did an audio interview. She is launching her popular Do What you Love course this coming Monday, May 14th. (On a side note, Beth just got engaged a couple of days after we did this interview on her birthday! Yeah Beth! We love it!)
Here are links to each of her courses:
Do What You Love:

Bloom True with Flora Bowley:
Hello Soul Hello Business with Kelly Rae Roberts:
The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with Rachael Taylor:

And here is a link to a short film from the last DWYL retreat:

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  • Hi Monica and Beth! Great to see the two of you together, love it! I just listened to the interview and really appreciate hearing about how Beth got started with Do What You Love. I love that you just hopped on the plane because you wanted to meet Kelly. I feel that way about you guys too (although I got to meet Monica in Boston for Holly’s decorate book release- fun!)

    I also like the converstaion around collaboration, it’s really nice to work with others that you admire and trust. I look forward to that one of these days in my own creative work 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing, you are both inspirational and awesome!

  • Beth is a total inspiration and I loved her course with Kelly Rae Roberts- Hello Soul Class.I actually was lucky enough to have a one on one mentoring session with both Kelly Rae and Beth and the advice they gave was amazing…great interview Monica and I loved the idea of approaching each business change as a chapter (at least that is how I interpreted it). I feel energized and inspired. Happy Friday x

    • Monica Lee

      Awww Desha, You are such a gem!

  • Monica Lee

    Thank you so much Clare! I love that you feel energized!

  • Love listening to this wonderful interview…Beth is a delight to work with, since meeting her she has changed my life! What a talented lady!