Being stalked by self doubt

I have heard quite  few strategies on how to deal with self doubt. I have listened to all sorts of expert advice from cursing it, to squishing it, to making friends with it.  I finally came to terms with my own way of dealing with it.

In today’s mini episode I am discussing times when self doubt tried to stop me dead in my tracks. Whether you have small everyday dealings with it or big should-you-move-forward dealings with it, doubt always seems to SHOW UP. If you think doubt only stalks some people and not others, think again. It is an equal opportunist. Tune in to hear how I finally came up with a personal mantra, belief that powers me through and enables me to ‘execute” beyond the self doubt.

Here I am, hoping to be a “fast learner” (my mantra) when it comes to photography! What do you think? Look Ma, no filter! But can you see me in the reflection of the ornament? HA! I sorta liked it so I kept it in! I mention in today’s podcast that I am hoping (planning) on selling out of sizes and quite a few items this week from XO, Monica Lee in Boston this week.  If you see  something you want, grab it, give it or keep it yourself, haha! But do it today!




Here are some peeps I mention in the podcast and who have helped me execute and grow my business! Many thanks to ALL of them!

The Lady Project Sierra Barter

Photographer Brittanny Taylor

Stylist Olivia Rodrigues

Fabulous team member and my go to tech girl, Linda Tieu 

Big Picture, Ideaology

Life Coach, holds my hand over coffee, Linda Pritcher

Book Designer (and girl who never panics) LeAnna Weller Smith


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