Be your best so people can recognize themselves in your work

Today’s video is short and deep! ha! I  believe that if we as creatives can bring the very best out in ourselves that we can help people express themselves. Did you follow that?  I genuinely believe people  desire to be heard and seen. One way that they do this is through perosnal expression. That may come in the form of how they dress themselves, what they read, the music they listen to or in how they decorate their homes. I think that people are tried of being lumped into categories for the benefit of being marketed to by big brands. This isn’t to say some brands aren’t doing a good job understanding their customers uniqueness but I would say a lot of large brands are missing the boat.

This is where you as a creative person have the most opportunity.  The time is ripe for you to excel in this climate. This is also why it is very important that you don’t turn your own creative journey on auto pilot! Everyone says that you  need your own look, good branding and good marketing but no one is telling you HOW to get it. We are going to start with YOU (fun!) and break it down in to real life take aways. You are not meant to be like or look like everyone else. You were made a unique person, right?! It will be approximately 6 weeks long and I am excited. I have great guests coming to help and I have some interesting strategies on what I think an online course should look like, so stayed tuned!



Smart Creative Style will cover in depth marketing and brand positioning. I also do Clarity Coaching for those of you who want  specific help with things you may not be clear on in your business, sometimes a girl needs and little one one time. Smart Creative Dreaming is a fun downloadable course that delivers what I call “foundation ideas” as you begin your journey. It contains some practical advice as well as what  worked for me on my own journey.
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  • Kathleen Alexander says:

    Deep, yes. Watched 3x, yes. Allowing someone to see things in themselves by being yourself, yes. I believe it is all true and we are always seeking our heroes in life for whatever part of us they reveal, and that’s a big yes. I like to be made to think about how we affect others as we go along this journey of life and you certainly made me do that today. The possibilities, another yes!!

  • Lee Kellogg says:

    Thanks Monica, a great message today and important. I love being a part of helping people stand out! Looking forward to your new course!

  • Bgm says:

    Loved this, Monica. A yellow silk skirt…I want to see it. U are always an inspiration to me.

  • Cathy says:

    Thank-you Monica for this! I enjoy your interviews and videos but, to be honest, I have often felt a disconnect since many of the women you interview ‘made it’ at the right time or had experience in the industry and it seems like there’s no room for more. As someone who is just starting out blogging, etsy , and selling at fairs I was starting to wonder…’what’s the point’? I don’t want to just promote myself and sell stuff, I want to offer something to others. Now you’ve got me thinking. I really get that idea of the perfect skirt or top or whatever that speaks to you and helps you to really be more of yourself. That’s what I hope I can offer to my customers. Your insight is awesome!

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