Be creative and compassionate: Help Khali halt MS

Please tune in to today’s video’s!! You may have heard me mention that I was going to be making this run of the Smart Creative Style Course a fund raiser. You mave have watched some of Khali Whatley’s videos.  She is a branding expert who instructs inside the Smart Creative Style Course.  She is simply one of the most lovely women I know. In the relatively short time I have known her, she has been in and out of the hospital for symptoms that have come with a Multiple Sclerosis  diagnosis which has forced to quit her job and has hampered her ability to be the parent she wants to be (I have never heard her complain!) Tune in to this video to hear her story and find out why I am committing 50% of the course enrollments to Khali’s Go Fund Me campaign. Then scroll down and tune into the next video as we explain the curriculum she teaches within the course.

If you are taking the course or someone who has been enjoying the insights and  interviews at Smart Creative Women, I would ask that you contribute to her campaign with any donation that you can.Thank you very very much!

Donate here: Go Fund Me: Help Khali Halt MS (Update: The Go Fund Me Campaign is now working!!)

I would also ask that you would share her campaign via your favorite social media avenues!

Tweet this: “I believe as women we can and should really around each other with compassionate hearts.” @SmartCreativeW

Tweet this: Be creative and compassionate, Help Khali halt MS @SmartCreativeW


Watch this video as Khali talks about branding your creative business

In this video get a glimpse of Khali’s knowledge on the subject of branding and what she covers in the course! She is SO AWESOME and jumps right in to answer question the private Facebook group that is associated with the course! You can find out more about the course and enroll at Smart Creative Style.  khalistylesmall
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  • Phyllis Harris

    Hi Monica! I have tried to donate both last night and today and it is not letting me. I keep getting this error “Your payment can’t be completed because one of the receivers can’t accept payments at this time.”. Please let me know what to do when you get a moment.

    • Monica Lee

      I know!! When I plunked a large amount in her account-PayPAl froze it until it is verified which can take up to 48 hours! Please check back!

      • Phyllis Harris

        I absolutely will! :)

  • Michelle Schneider

    Khali is now on my prayer list. Love her and all the knowledge she brings to the table. Such a lovely person with an amazing attitude.