Barbara Johansen Newman: illustrator, author and lover of old things!

Barbara Johansen Newman lives life in a brightly colored, large way. Fun, fun, fun is all I can say. When I first met her I was amazed how her art and her personality where so on par. As I got to know her better, I was enamored with her uncanny ability to remember even single detail of childhood. Those qualities are the perfect making for a writer and illustrator. Listen in to hear how she kept the real life story of Glamorous Glasses and the characters of Bobbie and Joanie tucked in the back of her mind for years. The take away here is that if you have been sitting on an idea for a while,  act on it  TODAY!!

I am also thrilled to take you on a mini tour of Barb’s home…it is just so fun. You can find more of Barbara at  her Design Rocket blog and Really Really Retro. The  interactive Glamorous Glasses website is perfect for kids! Really fun!


I love how Barb’s house and Barb’s art fall into line with her vision of the world.

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  • JeneanMorrison says:

    Great interview! Barbara is such a delight!!

  • Lesley Breen Withrow says:

    What a great interview!!! And what a talent you are, Barb! I can’t wait to get Glamourous Glasses.

  • suzanne urban says:

    Love the interview, have been waiting for it! My glasses are leopard. . .

  • One of my favorite interviews, Barbara’s creativity is amazing.

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