Ave Styles : Pinterest Influencer

Meet Alexandra Evjen, from Ave Styles. Alex is a stylist, blogger and “power-pinner, pinfluencer, pin ambassador…” She knows about the PRETTY side of Pinterest as well as the smart aspect of using Pinterest. With almost a million followers, she is in the know and even works with Pinterest as the platform grows internationally.  Tune into this episode and hear how she got her start as a stylist, how she runs her business and how she thinks you should be using Pinterest! You can follower her (and learn from her) on Pinterest here and follow her on instagram here. 

As a bonus Alex will be answering questions live on Periscope today at 2:30 pm EST, (12 MST) @avestyles  Photos:Melissa Jill Photography View More: http://melissajill.pass.us/cc2015

These shots are from her “Date Night In” campaign with Coca Cola. I am constantly amazed at how bloggers and influencers are running better ad campaigns than some large advertising agencies!