Ashley Eiler on being in business and being Be{tween}

What a lovely guest Ashely was to talk to!  She is amazing! She has 3 businesses, 2 children and I didn’t even want to know if she has a dog! She started with a successful custom baby clothing line,  Blessed Be the Name  which led her to open a retail space Favorite Laundry. Then she recently launched a clothing line aimed at tween girls called Be{tween}. Ashely designed the line and the textiles too! You can buy these smart little outfits right online. She is absolutely darling, innovative and resourceful. She talks about how she used a grass roots market research method to design her latest line.  She says she wants to eliminate morning drama between mothers and daughters (funny!) by making the choices for girls interchangeable, pretty and durable. This interview motivated me and I am sure it will do the same for you!

Here is a fun note I just got from Ashley! She is offering 20% off and free shipping with the coupon code SMARTMONICALEE. Well, I certainly like that code if I do say so myself!

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  • betz White

    Thanks for another refreshing interview! Ashley is very inspiring and makes all that she does sound so easy (not that it is!) with her upbeat attitude. Can’t wait for her to come out with a BOYS line, ahem. 🙂

  • Thank you Monica for such a precious introduction and flattering!! I so enjoyed our talk and look forward to a long following and friendship from the South. Thanks again for the opportunity to share in your oh-so-smart endeavors and i wish you the best until we talk next!! xoxo

  • Ashley is just as dear and authentic in real life as you see here. She is an excellent role model for the small business owner. I have worked with her for several years and have loved getting to know her. She is a really neat person and her fun and quirky personality are reflected in her lines. You will not be disappointed if you decide to give her companies a try 🙂 and I suggest you do! Excellent quality and choices, …fun for your kids!

  • Another enjoyable interview, you ask all the right questions for our inquiring minds, thank you Monica!


    • Monica Lee

      Thank you, Suzanne! You are so sweet!