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I have Ashley Brooke with me today! She is the owner and smart girl behind her brand, Ashley Brooke Designs. ABD (as she refers to it) is a  brand with a mission to make your everyday just a bit more fancy. Sound good to me, I could use some fancy! What a beauty she is,  I loved the authentic conversation on what prompted  her to start her brand.  (hint: job loss and a desk right next to her dad’s) As much as she loved working next to her father, she wanted to carve something out for herself, and she did! She  peppers  her social  media (100k+ on her instagram) with just the right amount of bling and inspiration, which is no easy fete!  Ashley makes it look effortless, she falls into the smart cookie category for sure. Tune into today and listen to the in’s and out’s of her brand (some of it is so charming and then some of it is comical)  I simply adore her outlook on it all!


Ashley Brooke Designs - Studio10


Wait, do I see a puppy? I knew I liked this girl!

Ashley Brooke Designs - Studio3 (1)



  • Monica and Ashley, you hit this one out of the park! I listened intently with all my kiddos in the car on my way to the doc…talk about multi-tasking! I found myself nodding my head at so many points…I'm almost done designing my new website for my fine art business and it feels good to have camaraderie with other people out there and not feel like I'm in a vacuum.

  • P.S. I think Ashley's target audience is similar to mine, so I will be sure to pin all her great images whenever I can! (Megan Carty Art on Pinterest)

  • That's terrific, I am so glad you enjoyed this episode! And it DOES help to not feel like you are in a vaccum!! Good luck with the new site!

  • Ashley Brooke says:

    SO enjoyed chatting with you Monica! You are the absolute best. Thank you a million times over for your graciousness! xo

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