Artists and Mentors: Lisa Daria Kennedy


I have interviewed Lisa Daria Kennedy once before, quite a while back and since that time we have become good friends. Lucky me! I wanted to bring her on this series so you could tune in as we talk about the-meaning-behind-art-creation. Sound deep? Well, it sort of is but this is the type of conversation we have when we get together.  Lisa has terrific insight, is a terrific teacher and has been holding my hand a bit as I leap into new territory, you can hear more about that here. Lisa helped me think about writing an artists statement and has help me let go of things that were holding me back. She is a fabulous, deep and FUN artist and mentor. If you get the chance to take a workshop from her, DO IT! She has a gift for teaching! She also has a gift for art. If you get a chance to own some of her work, DO IT!

Fainting Party Series


Too Polite To Ask Series


Lisa’s Daily Paintings