Artists and Mentors: Jason Horejs

Today I’d like you to meet Jason Horejs. Jason is the owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ and he is also the author of the Red Dot Blog. I have really  gotten immersed in his blog and in the mentorship that he offers to fine artists. As the son of an artist Jason  grew up attending art show and hanging out in art galleries (his first job at 14 was at an art gallery!) so he has been exposed to both sides of the equation. He understands art collectors and artists. I think that is rare and even valuable! I have found him, his blog and even the followers of his blog (read the comments!) to be a terrific resource. Jason has a heart for helping artists meet their goals and has set up so many ways to help them via his blog, books, his online gallery and mentorship. Tune in to this episode of the Artists and Mentors Series, I think you will like it, I sneak a couple of questions I am facing right now into the interview. 🙂