Are we having fun?


Are we having fun?  Oh, I certainly hope so! I am so determined to have my holiday season not be overwhelming this year!  I am trying not to trip over products in my studio and  chastise myself for not doing the “perfectly executed” Christmas marketing plan. It is hard not to  get overwhelmed, especially if you have a even the tiniest bit of perfectionism in you. Like why, on such a busy sales week, did I decide to rewrite the Smart Creative Women about page? Shouldn’t I be doing something else?
This year, I am letting go  so much that I actually let my husband order our first PHOTO Christmas cards EVER. You know the ones you just stuff in an envelope?    Let it go, Monica, let it go.  Not  even on good paper but photo paper…argh!  So not me, but I love that these images tells the real story behind my family.
“Quick, get  in the shot!”
“You know, Maggie doesn’t want her picture be taken.”
“I think it the timer on the camera is on already.”
“Wait, is the flash on?”
“Stand in the middle.”

Let it go, Monica! We are just lucky to have been all in one place for a day!


Whatever you are doing  this holiday season, go easy on yourself and even your family. You will have such a better holiday. 

So my motto is FUN this December. I had a lot of FUN  doing trunks shows and meeting women face to face and seeing them pick up my  leather bags (sniff them even) and buy them. I am thinking that the internet needs to be more tactile.

I am proud of the   quality  and heart that I put into the products at XO, Monica Lee. I am having quite bit of fun putting together gift guides and illustrations over on Instagram @xo_monicalee for the line. I am having a big savings sale this week. FREE shipping and a giant savings on the clutches. I love a deal 😉

This week is FREE domestic shipping site wide AND  the leather clutches are 30% OFF.


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