Anne Brown: On trends, creativity and manufacturing new products

I caught just a snippet of Anne’s energetic personality while at an event in NYC and it was an instant spark. Within several minutes on meeting each other (and me showing fresh off the press clutches)  she was dishing out advice suggesting I offer monograming on some of them! Now why did I think of that?  Loved the idea just as much as I love a women with IDEAS!

Anne has them, and she gets paid for having them! Fabulous job.  In this interview, we sink deep to trends, one of my favorite subjects.  Anne dishes out great stories and advice for artists wanting their work on products!

She has such a heart for the work she does, I really see her as a talent spotter and idea lady. The work she is doing at Studio M  as the director of product development is unique and commercial. The perfect combo, right?! Tune in and listen to how the entire process works, from idea, to art spotting, to product development from the manufacturing side of the business!


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  • Genevieve Gail says:

    Anne is THE BEST!! Love working with the Studio M folks! It just goes to show sometimes you have to put yourself out there (even when it’s scary and you are totally second guessing yourself and your work), because you never know what can happen until you take the plunge… I never in a bazillion years would have thought my jewelry designs would take me to Mini Garden land but I’m so glad that it did! Great interview as always, Monica!

  • Totally concur with Genevieve:) We all LOVE Anne and she is not only a huge advocate for artists but she’s also a friend, mentor and one of the best in the business. I too feel grateful to be one of the artists for Studio M and just so honored to be a small part of this wonderful family-owned company and their beautiful products. Monica, great interview!

  • Jennifer Brinley says:

    Just checked in on “Smart Creative Women” and saw this interview–Anne is always inspiring and creative and knows how to bring out the best in the artists she works with–great interview! Thanks Monica!

  • Sue Todd says:

    Anne has such a gift..she describes it as “being a conduit”. It always amazes me how she can see into the heart and soul of an artist and nurture their creativity to develop products that truly resonate with their combined vision. Great interview Monica!

  • May Leong says:

    Great interview. Thank you Monica and Anne.

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