Ani Alonso from Magia Pura

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I have a fun guest for you today! Ani Alonso from Magia Pura! You may have seen her in the recent issue of Where Women Create or you may have seen her collecting fans on Facebook (over 81k and counting!) What you may not know is that this talented artist has quite an illustrious past (including a stint and a fashion model.) She has found her style and is comes across in everything she does in her dressing, her work and her relaxed and warm spirit. I found this interview so interesting as she told me how she is trying to overcome obstacles and government embargoes in her own country to continue to grow her brand. I love how determined she is. I am seriously impressed at how much she has done and  problem solved to keep her art business growing over the years. Keep and eye on her as she is plotting to expand!


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  • Ani Alonso says:

    Thank you Mon for this interview!!! So many nice words from you girls!!in my Fb MAGIA PURA page!!! <3 all my love! Ani Alonso

  • Ani Alonso says:

    Thank you Mon for this interview!!! So many nice words from you girls!!in my Fb MAGIA PURA page!!! <3 all my love! Ani Alonso

  • Melissa AuClair says:

    I forget the challenges artists in other countries face. Ani certainly has come a long way for the struggle! I love her work; thanks for sharing Monica, you are so encouraging in seeing the cup half full no matter what is going on (and I love your hair!)

    • Monica Lee says:

      You are so sweet, Melissa! Seeing the glass half full is a choice, I suppose what are the other options? haha! That’s for the hoar compliment. I think in another life I was a hairdresser. Long short, long! I can never decide!

  • You are so welcome! It was really fun!

  • Ani Alonso says:

    <3 Smart Creative Women


  • un orgullo haberte conocido y haber apreciado…..tu magia…pura. gracias

  • Ani Alonso says:

    graciass Cecilia!!!!

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