Anahata Katkin for Papaya!

Girl crush time! I have Anahata Katkin from Papaya with me today and you are going to love her and all her creative business wisdom! Anahata started Papaya with her mother out of their home and grew this business so smartly, knowing just when to expand and just when to hold steady. I REALLY appreciate what she shares in the interview and I know you will too!! You will LOVE hearing what she has to say about her own creativity, copycats and the gift industry! She is a woman who has found her audience and remained true to her aesthetic while allowing her self to grow and change as an artist.  Awesome artist, awesome person, smart cookie!

Tweet this!!  “Never chase money, chase passion!” -Aanahata @PAPAYAart on @SmartCreativeW

You don’t want to miss this one!

You can find out more about Anahata as an artist on her personal website  (LOVE her home!) If you happen to be at the  Atlanta Gift Show right now  they are in the temporary booths 34-401-stop by and tell them HELLO!
starlet pouch roll by papaya

Papaya and Anahata both have FUN instagram accounts to follow! I just followed them BOTH! HERE and HERE!




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  • I clicked here because I’d seen Anahata’s art before and thought she’d be interesting to learn from (and yes, she delivered!). But I’m also just completely LOVING your personality and energy Monica! Going to check out your site a bit more thoroughly over the coming week (I’m on a 30 minute stretch myself currently lol, I have a baby and a toddler!). Thanks for the lovely and amazing interview!!

    • HI Iris! Thank you! Anahata certainly does deliver! I am so glad you found Smart Creative Women too, and thank you! (blushing) If babies make videos hard watch, you can also listen in to the podcasts!

  • Phyllis Harris

    I LOVED this interview and learned so much! Thank you both for doing what you do! 🙂

    • So glad to hear that, Phyllis…you are such a good sponge! haha! Thank you so much, I love your energy!