An inside look at the Smart Creative Style Course

I don’t know what is making me happier this morning putting this course together or learning new technology to make this video!! This was a creative exercise for me! Woot! The girl CAN still learn new tricks, who knew? 2 days for a 3 minute video and I thought illustration was time consuming! Haha! I had so much FUN, it was a labor of love!

Tell me what you think! This  video gives an inside peek at what is happening the Smart Creative Style Course!!  I  am also making a special announcement today, that I have decided to limit the class size so the people taking the course can get one on one feed back within the course. I think everyone wants to be seen when they are going through an exciting process (I know I do!)  So with that, I will limit the class size. If you have been thinking about it, this would be a good time to jump on board  and even take part in the Spread the Word Discount. The class is a little over halfway full at this point.

For those of you who have asked, there is not a lot of “homework” per se. No rights or wrongs or fill in the blanks, but setting time aside for participation which could be about 2 -3 hours (more if you are really wanting to explore) a week will make sure you get results out of the course. Am I running the class again? (Another question that I have been getting emails about) I will be honest when I say, I don’t know.  I would love to but I also will say I have a couple on upcoming projects that will begin right as this course wraps up so I will have to make the call time management wise.

I do know that I really want class participants to been seen and heard, so I am setting aside a chunk of time for the running of the class. It’s all about you,  baby!

On the fence? You can check out all the videos leading up to this over at Smart Creative Style. Grab your seat!

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  • Bee Eastman

    Sounds like this course is going to ROCK ! I love Smart Creative Style too.

    • Monica Lee

      Thanks Bee! :))

      • Bee Eastman

        I’d adore taking a course from @monicaleestudios:disqus

  • Lee Kellogg

    Isn’t making videos fun! I love the teasers for the course and you have me thinking already! Looking forward to it.

  • Heather Boissonneau

    Wow, color me impressed!!! I love the animation! I really can’t wait for this class to start!!

  • Keetha

    I’m a bit of a dork, as in I wish there was homework we could already be working on! Maybe it’s the back to school supplies everywhere that has me in the mood. :-)
    Looking forward to the class!

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