Amy Butler, Artist, Designer and Smart Creative Business Woman!

It’s Amy Butler, as charming and sweet as ever!  I was just so thrilled to interview her! She is a creative business powerhouse with products that range from sewing patterns, fabric, yarn, wallpaper to luggage! Her designs can even grace your electronic devices! You can see hear her talk about her thoughtful approach to branding herself and her product lines. I like how she mixes a disciplined approach to her work with remaining open to new opportunities so seamlessly. You can find a comprehensive lists of where to find all her products on her website. Her website also has links to flickr groups where you can see how people have used her fabrics! Oh! I might have to add my bedroom curtains intothe mix!


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  • Alison Glass says:

    Hi Monica – I really enjoyed this interview! So great to hear Amy’s journey. I especially liked when she was talking about how important it is to share and show really great work that is true to the designer. This is so key! Thanks for your work, it’s helpful!

  • Betz says:

    Great interview! I loved hearing Amy’s backstory as she tells it. Wonderful insight into a much admired creative journey. Thanks, Monica and Amy!

  • loved this interview-Amy is so gracious and generous. Thank YOU Monica Lee!

  • Emily says:

    Yay! Two of my favorite creative ladies! What a wonderful interview!

  • Evariccistudio says:

    Just love your work Amy

  • I wait with baited breath for every Monica Lee interview. So inspirational. Thanks!

  • Bj Lantz says:

    Great conversation, ladies!  Really resonated with a lot of my own creative life in many ways… While creative lives are extremely diverse, we do share many common threads.  Love what Amy said about finding one’s own voice rather than trying to “be” what somebody else is.  There is SO much of that out there now!

  • Gorgeous video! Thank you both for so much great info and all those happy smiles. 

    I’m mostly a watercolor fashion illustrator, but I’d love to do surface design more, much more.All the best, talented ladies!Amy, you’re a do r a b l e and your work floors me every time I see it!
    :: Marta

  • Cindy Lindgren says:

    I loved what she said about personal style.  Don’t force a style; being authentic is effortless. It’s absolutely true.

  • Jama says:

    Hey I loved this! So inspiring and interesting. Can’t stop thinking about some of the tidbits Amy shared. Thanks! I am quite happy to find this site, great thing to do Monica. Now I am going to check out all of the other guests! 

  • Melany says:

    Well, Amy’s interview did not disappoint! Monica – I love your site…I’m really enjoying all the interviews. A new professional goal of mine is to be interviewed on your site some day. 🙂 

  • Great interview! Thank you both!

  • Shay says:

    Hi Monica! You are the winner of A Slip Shop Giveaway! Will you email me at


  • this was so inspiring to watch! it’s incredible and helpful to hear about amy’s journey and her experiences. and to feel those little sparks of awakening in me for where i’d like to go next. thank you 🙂


  • Misty Thurman says:

    That was well worth putting my re-organzing the pantry job on hold! Now I’ll zip through that chore and get my inspired self out to the studio. You are both fabulous!

  • Wow! This interview was great too! I loved hearing how Amy navigated along her path in life, and the simple but power wisdoms collected along the way. Thanks!

  • Joy Hall says:

    This interview with Amy Butler, just like all of your other interviews, was fabulous! She was delightful and gave such good advice.

    Even though I’m working frantically to make Surtex deadlines, I can’t resist taking the time out to watch your interviews. So very inspiring!!

    Love LOVE love what your are doing!!

    • Monica Lee says:

      You are so sweet, Joy! Haha! I will come find you at Surtex-, I am getting ready to format them into podcast that you can just listen to them on iTunes!

  • OMG…I loved this interview with Amy Butler. I think I smiled the entire time. Thanks so much for what you are doing, Monica! – Katrina Marie (

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