Amy Butler on growth and shifting her business Part 2

Here is the continuation of my conversation with Amy Butler.  In this very candid chat, she discusses the tough financial decisions that she and her husband have had to make in the last year. She says that when they looked at all aspects of their business that, “The more honest we were, the more empowered we were.” THAT is a quite statement! (A tweetable, for sure!) Tune in for the rest of this interview with Amy, as she discusses business, her personal well being and her new collection.

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  • ali

    Beautiful interview! I love how open, honest & heart centered Amy is. What an amazing gift to the world she is. Thank you for sharing!

    • Monica Lee

      I thought so too, Ali!

  • Claire Marschak

    This has been one of your most insightful interviews for me. Maybe because I am struggling to leave one creative business and find my true voice in another. There was so much soulful and heartfelt advice that hit home. Thank you Amy and Monica for uplifting my creative spirit!

    Claire Marschak

    • Monica Lee

      I am so glad you enjoyed it, Claire. It can be tough to leave any endeavor behind but maybe you are just tucking it away for a while so you can move on with more energy!

  • Hello Monica and Amy, This was LOVELY! Thanking so much for this discussion. It’s so nice to hear it! I’ve been changing course for about the last 4 years from being a fashion designer to being a teacher and a creative inspiration to others, but even now I’m making shifts in my plan.

    Just over the past couple months since was Smart Creative Women my plan has changed from trying to market my line of Kids Sewing DVD to chain stores to scaling back and being there for my real customers. I’m really trying to focus now on online classes for what I LOVE to do…designing clothing and dresses.

    I have to agree Amy the photo shoots are so fun. I’m working models all over the US (and even Europe and Australia) to create a beautiful images that will hopefully inspires girls (ages 6 and up) to create. My new website is Little Fashion Designer and I’m so excited to be working on it with over 30 models.

    Now I just need to figure out what to do with Kids Sewing (which I just spent 2 years struggling to figure out). The how to videos are great and the filming went pretty smoothly, but everything around it has been hard. Getting productions setup for DVDs, fulfillment, designing displays, trying to communicate with stores, building three websites (before settling on the one we have). I have encounter problems and delays with ALL of it.

    It’s hard to let go of something that you think is right for others, but doesn’t seem right for you! Thanks again for a great interview…I’ll have to watch part one because somehow I missed it! : )

    Creatively, Katrina Marie

  • Susan Seale

    Love your interviews:) These Amy Butler ones really just fill up the heart and give hope for all of us who are in transition and just not knowing exactly what lies ahead.

    Thank you!

  • I love when Amy shows us her illustration of the new fashion fabrics. “Oh this old thing?!” They’re insanely beautiful and, I agree, these would make lovely prints. Wonderful sharing time with you two tonight!

  • I truly enjoyed this interview. Anyone who has ever run a business has to, on occasion, make tough decisions. I liked the comment that there was a realization, after the layoff of employees, that these people were able to go forward to something positive. It is so hard!
    All the best to you both with the changes in your business.

  • Amy Butler is truly an inspiration for her sense of beauty, large heart, and ability to convey her talents so modestly. And, thank you, Monica, for delivering this wonderful content so that women may feel empowered and have the courage to seek their dreams.

    I’m looking forward to reading “Blossom”. And as always, I look forward to hearing the stories on “Smart Creative Women”.

  • Amazing interview, ladies. Thank you both.

  • Thank you Amy for such an incredibly open, vulnerable, honest, & insightful interview. I spent many (many!) years in work that physically & emotionally drained me. I’ve made a huge shift this year…and knowing there are so many other creatives out there doing the same thing is very encouraging. Thank you Monica, for creating a space for those ideas to BLOSSOM. (And to Amy for putting your happiness into the world. Can’t wait to read the new magazine!!)

  • I’m in a toughspot in my biz right now and Amy’s interview spoke to me so deeply. it was just what I needed to hear. thank you Amy!!

  • Having just gotten back from quilt market… and having worked SO. HARD… I came back sick as a dog and utterly exhausted and depleted. Thank you for this interview. It really hit home.

  • Lynnette April Cooper

    Hi Monica and Amy!! Blossom Magazine sounds like a dream come true not only for Amy but her fans!! I bet that all the fabric designs, trims, yarns, sewing patterns, handbags, books, paper products, wallpapers, house wares and all that Amy has done as an artist, could wrap part way around the World!! Did I leave any thing out? Not only is she doing what she loves, but sharing it with others!! Amy has her creative vision and we take off with her fabrics, patterns, papers and create our vision!!

    Now it sounds like she is not only taking the time to smell the roses, but write about them too!! Amy must sleep only 4 hours a night like Martha Stewart!! Amy filled my “Heart” with “Joy” and the passion to do more in life!!

    Monica what an emotional, yet up lifting interview!!!

  • Heatherlee Iverson Chan

    One of my most favorite interviews! Thank you Amy for sharing your heart with all of us. And you too Monica! My most favorite interviews are the ones where it gets personal. I know that it is hard (for anyone!) to let your guard down and do that. I love that I can learn lessons for my business here and — even better — that I can learn spiritual lessons as well. I even wrote down a few the things you said in my journal. They are so valid and important remember. Thank you!

    • Heatherlee Iverson Chan

      And I am in love with the Blossom magazine! GORGEOUS work. Your work is amazing. You can see and feel the joy. Monica, oh my goodness, I think I need to print out your article that Amy put in there and keep it close by. It was beautiful and lifted my heart!!

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