Amy Anderson on community and Blog Brunch

Have you ever been to a twitter party? Have you ever been to a twitter brunch? Amy Anderson is just one of the brains behind Blog Brunch. Blog Brunch is a hands on effort to reach out and build a community for fellow bloggers, a must read if you have any audience online. I love what these girls did. They tested the idea right on twitter (for free) to see if people wanted to discuss details about blogging online AND people showed up! The first Sunday of every month, the girls from Blog Brunch choose a particular topic and everyone joins in for an hour on Twitter! Here is a recap from the last brunch. Clever, right? Is this helping you think outside the box? Even if you don’t plan on being a fulltime blogger, this community knows the ins and outs of building an audience. Amy is an active blogger at Parker Etc and she collaborated with 2 other bloggers to create a new spot to meet people and learn stuff. We love that!

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  • Amy, I am in my studio painting as I listen..I have seen the hash tags on twitter and so happy to know more. What I love is that you saw a need and filled it. You leaped! Brave and inspiring.

    Monica, so agree. Just gotta put yourself out there. Period.

    Thank you both! More painting…will catch a few more episodes!

  • Awesome! I have never been inclined to join a chat group on twitter, this community sounds like a group I’d like to meet…thanks for sharing:)