Amber Kane interviews me!

An interview of me, ACK! Now I know what a guest feels like when it comes times to share an interview of themselves. It conjures up feeling of self indulgence, which is not an emotion we should have when we are marketing ourselves and our products. I realized that I have artfully hidden behind marketing and promoting everyone else the last couple of  years. I do the shorter Monday  videos but I am not talking about myself (Well, not the whole time) I feel like I am talking to you.

After watching this myself I realized a few things:

1) Everything in my journey (even being a flight attendant)  has led up to what I am doing now and that starting Smart Creative Women may have come out of my own need to interact with women (audience and guests!)

2) That my  “business plan” has dramatically changed in the last  year.

3) That I get scared and nervous too! Launching an e-course has made me vulnerable in an unexpected way (more on that on Monday!)

4) I am wiggler, something that bums me out when a guest does it. The skype call can’t keep up with all that digital information but it is hard not to do!

Just one more….

5) I work really hard a getting decent  screenshots (Thank you, Wistia) of the interview and You Tube always manages to get the ickiest ones. Ugh. I am sort of surprised vanity has not gotten the best of me doing video.

By the way, Amber Kane is a pretty smart creative women herself. She creates beautiful hand loomed scarves. Take a look at Amber’s woven scarves, they are one of a kind treasures.


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  • meg @

    So fun to watch this interview & hear from you! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Also, totally off-topic, but I am loving your hair! :)

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