Alyce Currier from Wistia does a video about video

Today I am sharing an interview that might be a good resource for your business. As you may or may not know I don’t upload my videos to You Tube or Vimeo. I have an account with Wistia that gives me complete control and ownership of all my content. Using Wistia enables me to adjust the player, check stats and manage the Smart Creative Women episodes without having a company pop up commercials or try to get you to link over to their website.

I wanted to share this interview with the lovely Alyce Currier because as I have played around in the back end of Wistia, I suddenly started to see the possibilities for the creative community to utilize Wistia.  As Alyce shares some of their unique features, I figured you would take it from there (after all you are smart and creative, right?) Also, the Wistia gang is generously letting me use lots and lots and lots of bandwidth to bring these interviews to you!

If you are getting something out of these interviews – send a shout out thank you in the comments or via twitter to Wistia for helping me out!

You can tweet this or whatever you might like:  Thank you @wistia for helping bring @SmartCreativeW interviews to life!

Video  is NOT HARD! I am a dyslexic, old chick (relatively) and I figured it out, so can you!! One neat things about Wistia is you have a completely private back-end branded page that people can gain access only via email that could possibly help you to:

Teach private classes. (Yes, you are skilled and you should think about it.)

Give people bonus material when they sign up for your email list. What?! You don’t have a list of people you communicate with on a regular basis?

Track who has attended and watched the video you have created to enhance your business and see if they understood the material you presented.

You might even consider doing a video BIO for your about page…what a better way for people to get to know you than to actually hear your voice.

Their team is super nice, easy to reach and they won’t laugh at your goofy questions! Trust me on that one.

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